W5GST in 1965

Years ago, one could work mobile on 7.250MHz: Eastcars, Midcars & Westcars. While living in California as W6ZZL I used to drive my 1965 Ford Mustang back to Texas about every year and work my Dad K5LTA in Yorktown, TX. I would start out on 20M then switch to 40M and finally on 80M when I got close in. I had this National NCX-3 and a bug catcher whip antenna. Mobile operation was a lot of fun on cross country trips. I also put this rig in my company car while living in Dallas, TX.

My station at 10531 Channel Drive, Dallas, Texas included my National NCX-3. I had traded the Heathkit twins in on this unit. I also have a Heathkit SWR Meter and a HO-10 Monitor Scope. The antenna system is the same as in 1963.

The QSL Card K5LTA is my Dad's card from Yorktown, Texas.

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