W5GST in 1969

I was living at 5010 Wycliff Dr., San Antonio, TX. I was an Ampex Corp. Contract Service Engineer at Brooks Airfoce Base, School of Aerospace Medicine. The contract was with the Maintenance and Engineering Dept.

My Dad, K5LTA, passed away in January of 1968 and I inherted his Drake TR-3 and Heathkit SB-200 Linear Amplifier (which I built for him). The antenna system is my Dad's Hornet TB-1000 3 Element Beam and an all band doublet.

The operating desk was built by my friend W6MZO, Lee Marks of Redwood City, CA.

The young man in the second picture is WA5VLZ, my step-son Niel Wiegand. He was a senior at Sam Houston High School.

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