W5GST in 1938

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I first became interested in radio while still in grammar school. I still have the little crystal set that my father bought me. In high school I became a boy scout and learned the morse code. I bought a Gross CW25 kit and put it together. It used a 47 crystal oscillator, a 46 buffer/doubler driving a pair of 46s in parallel. My modulator was a 57 speech amplifier into a 56 driving push-pull 46s in class B. My receiver was a Hallicrafters Super 7.

In my senior year at Tahoka, TX high school, I used to "bootleg" once in awhile, a local's call on 80 meters. One night, while I was on the air, my dad went to the front door and knocked on it. He said "come in Sheriff". Well, I immediately, shut the rig down and hid the crystal, thinking he was after me. My dad thought it was pretty funny. I don't remember doing any more bootlegging.

After graduating from high school in May of 1937, I went immediately to Port Arthur College, in Port Arthur, TX. There I studied radio/electronic theory to obtain a 1st Class Radiotelephone License and a 2nd Class Radiotelegraph License. I studied the International Morse code and typing for my Amateur Radio License and 2nd Class Radiotelegraph License. We learned to type to copy code on the typewriter, press wireless news or in case of being a shipboard radio officer. It was while at PAC that I met and we became life long friends, Raymond Mickle, W5EBN (deceased). I rode with him to Galveston to the RI to take my Amateur Radio License exam (W5GST).

After I got my 1st Class Radiotelephone License, I got a month's experience on KPAC school broadcast station in March of 1938. In the mean time, my folks moved to Yorktown, TX. My father was a rural mail carrier. In Yorktown I set up W5GST as pictured in 1938. I operated on 160, 80 Meters AM and 40 Meter CW. Since the 46s wouldn't work on the 10 Meter band, was rebroadcast from 160 out on 10 Meters by W5FAH in Kennedy, TX. I would rebroadcast 10 Meters to him. My receiver was a Hallicrafters SX-16.

I replaced the 46s with a Taylor T-20 driven by a Taylor T-20 and I could then get out on 10 Meters. I also built a 10 Meter preselector for the SX-16, as it only had one stage of RF. My antenna system was a 132' endfed Hertz and a home brew antenna tuner.

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