W6ZZL in 1957

W6ZZL in 1957

In 1957 I was living on 1124 Ladera Way, Belmont, California. I was employed at KRON-TV as an Engineer in San Fransico, California.

My Receiver was a National HRO Senior. The transmitter I built while employed as Radio Electrician at Eitel-McCullough, EIMAC, in San Bruno, California. The shop that I worked in had all the necessary parts and material etc to build such a transmitter.

The transmitter was a pair of PP4E27As (5-125As), modulated by PP4-250As in AB2. The modulator was driven by a BC614 speech amplifier. I used a D-104 microphone. The HRO I bought from HP1A in Panama while flying down there out of Brownsville, Texas.

I ran 600 watts on phone and 1KW in CW. I do not remember what I used as a vfo/exciter/driver for the final. My antenna system was a center fed all band doublet.

During this time my Field Day experiences were with the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Club. We would hold our operation up at the Boy Scout Camp on Skyline Blvd. above Palo Alto. I ran the 80 meter CW station using an ARC-5 transmitter and my HRO Senior Reciver. It was a lot of fun. One time I used a hydrogen balloon to hold up a long wire vertical. It did quite well.

Re. the BC614, BC610 speech amplifier. I was aquainted with the Navy Mars operator of KG6DI on the island of Guam. On one of my trips through Guam as a Flight Radio Officer with Pan American Airways, I was told of the Army/Navy dump there. I found the BC614, tied a rope around it and carried it back to the states on the plane. The customs inspector in Honolulu wanted to know "Gildersleeve, what is this?" I told him and he said OK.

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