National Radio's 50th Anniversary Album

1939 -- The 60 watt National NTX-30 transmitter for the 80-10 meter amateur bands. All circuits but the final plate were bandswitched by means of the row of push buttons.

A rear view of the 80-10 meter National 600 transmitter. 100TH's in the final and although a far cry from today's table-top rigs, the ultimate in the late 30's. [Visible top to bottom in this picture are the final/buffer chassis, NTE Exciter Unit and Speech Amplifier, Class B Modulator, Low/Medium Voltage Power Supply and the Final Power Supply. Except for the NTE Exciter/Speech amp, the National 600 transmitter was available as a series of foundation units. National made available parts kits that included a punched chassis and any National parts. The builder was responsible for purchasing additional parts such as the meters, tubes and transformers themselves. For the afluent ham the entire transmitter with a pi-network coupler in the top section listed for $1727.50]

The final amplifier and buffer of the '600 -- every component except the tubes manufactured by National.

A deluxe amateur station of the late '30's -- NC-101X receiver, CRM 'scope, NTE exciter and the '600 transmitter. [In the version of the '600 shown here the NTE exciter/speech amp has been moved from the rack to the operating position and replaced with a second final amp/buffer.]

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