National Radio's 50th Anniversary Album

1939 -- The high performance communications receiver for the VHF enthuseast and experimenter -- the 27-62 Mc. National NHU.

World War II -- Thousands of National receivers were manufactured for the war effort in dozens of configurations. In fact, National manufactured more than 70 different receivers for the government during World War II -- one of the best known was the 190Kc-30Mc RAS. [The RAS did not have the S-meter, crystal filter or band spread features of the HRO. It's IF was also shifted to 175Kc. This allowed it to provide complete coverage of the maritine frequencies between 190Kc and 550Kc.]

Row upon row of National receivers were used in military installations -- nine of of ten Navy ships relied upon National receivers for communications.

A famous war-time compliment to National -- the receiver on the right is an identical copy of the HRO manufactured by the Germans for their military communications.

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