National Radio's 50th Anniversary Album

The Atomichron is one well known outgrowth of National's pioneering work in quantum mechanics and nuclear phenomena. The world's most accurate commercial primary frequency standard, the Atomichron utilizes the unvarying resonance of the cesium atom to achieve stability for the life of the equipment of five ten-thousansths of one cycle at 10MC. The Bureau of Standards, which broadcasts WWV standard frequency transmissions, employs National's Atomichrons.

National's Digital Data Interpreter, developed for the National Security Agency. Used to convert radio signals to digital form for encoding and decoding.

The NC-400 provides crystal or manual control of all oscillators, external synthesizer inputs, diversity provisions, and bandwidths up to 16Kc! A typical application of the NC-400 is its use in the nationwide F.B.I. radioteletype network.

National's drift-cancelled AN/WRR-2 is the U.S. Navy standard shipboard SSB receiver. The most stable military communications receiver in use, WRR-2 stability is equal to one-tenth of one cycle at 10Mc! Designed primarily for SSB use, the WRR-2 can simultaneously receive two different types of intelligence on independent upper and lower sideband channels.

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