National Radio's 50th Anniversary Album

The NC-303 is a high quality ham-band receiver similar in many respects to the NC-300, but with selectable sideband, T-notch filter, improved product detector and SSB/CW AGC. The NC-303 is best known for its stability, remarkable sensitivity, and smooth AGC.

This is National's "RAKE" modification of a U.S. Army RTTY receiving terminal. The "RAKE" system allows the reception of up to 50 possible multipath signals, thereby greatly increasing communications link reliability.

This is a corner of National's standards laboratory, where all test equipment used in the development, manufacture, and testing of National gear is regularly inspected and aligned.

National's NC-190 is an economically priced, double-conversion general coverage unit designed for SSB, CW, and AM reception. It incorporates National's patented Dial Selector, which for the first time allows bandspread calibration of the foreign broadcast bands equal to amateur band calibration. A particularly popular SWL receiver because of this feature.

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