National Radio's 50th Anniversary Album

For over half a century National products have been recognized as the finest communications equipment available. As America's oldest, most highly respected manufacturer of superior amateur and shortwave receivers, National has engineered a long line of products that have dramatically influenced the development of the entire communications industry. These were the grand old receivers that introduced today's old timers to amatuer radio - names like the FB-7 and FBX-A, the AGS, the mighty HRO series, the NC-100 and '100X, the NC-200 and '240D, right up through the NC-300, '303, and the new NCX-3 SSB transceiver. 1964 marks our Golden Anniversary...and we take a certain pride in maintaining National's acknowledged reputation for leadership in workmanship and performance for over half a century. The advanced products we build today for both the military and amateur markets are pretty fancy compared to our early units, but are still old fashioned in one important respect...our built-in dtermination to make the very best.

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