Latest and greatest of a great series featuring the widest frequency coverage of any receiver currently available (50 kc to 54 mc). Voice CW, NFM (with adaptor). Dual conversion on all frequencies above 7 mc (ranges A, AA, AB, AC, AD, B).


  • Twelve permeability-tuned circuits in the three 455 kc IF stages for sharp selectivity.

  • Current-regulated heaters in the high frequency oscillator and first mixer.

  • High frequency oscillator and S-meter amplifier are voltage regulated.

  • Extra coil sets available to provide additional frequency coverage on special ranges.

  • Crystal filter provides several degrees of selectivity with phasing notch to reject heterodyne interference.

  • Has double-ended automatic noise limiter which is equally effective on both voice or code reception.

  • Has two RF stages for better sensitivity and selectivity (image ratio).

  • Single knob controls reception of CW, AM or NBFM signals or connects audio amplifier to Phono input.

  • Adjustable CW oscillator control for CW reception.

  • Panel-controlled antenna input trimmer.

  • Panel switch for choice of 100 kc or 1000 kc calibration marker signals.

    A 14.0-30.0 mc. 27.0-30.0 mc. (11, 10 meters)
    B 7.0-14.4 mc. 14.0-14.4 mc. (20 meters)
    C 3.5-7.3 mc. 7.0-7.3 mc. (40 meters)
    D 1.7-4.0 mc. 3.5-4.0 mc. (80 meters)
    *E 900-2050 kc.
    *F 480-960 kc
    *G 180-430 kc.
    *H 100-200 kc.
    *J 50-100 kc.
    *AA 27.0-30 mc. (11, 10 meters)
    *AB 25-35 mc.
    *AC 21.0-21.5 mc. (15 meters)
    *AD 50-54 mc. (6 meters)

    *Optional accessories.


    PW knob has worm gear drive box. Large dial with changing numbers gives a logging scale from 0-500 equivalent to a scale length of 12 feet, In addition, a slide-rule direct-reading scale is ganged with the PW dial to show frequency setting directly. The scale drum can be rotated to change scales. Plug-in coils for separate ranges.


    A push-pull audio output stage delivers 8 watts at less than 10% distortion. Output impedance is 8 and 500 ohms. A high impedance phono-jack is located on the chassis, and a phone jack is provided on the receiver panel.


    1.5 microvolts from 2 to 30 mc (with 300-ohm dummy antenna and 10 db signal/noise ratio.)


    NORMAL (crystal off) 6 db-3.5 kc
    60 db-10.5 kc
    CRYSTAL IN POSITION #5 60 db-100 cycles
    60 db-7 kc

    IMAGE REJECTION (At high end of band)

    A 65 db
    B 80+ db
    C 80+ db
    D 80+ db


    Band Switch; Oscillator; Tone; Antenna Trimmer; Dimmer; AVC; Limiter; Calibration; CWO; Phasing; Selectivity; AF Gain/AC ON-OFF; RF Gain; AM-NFM-Phono.; B+ ON/OFF.

    1st RF Amp. 6BA6
    2nd RF Amp. 6BA6
    1st Frequency Conv. 6BE6
    High-Frequency Osc. 6C4
    2nd Frequency Conv. 6BE6
    1st IF Amp. 6SG7
    2nd IF Amp. 6SG7
    3rd IF Amp. 6SG7
    Det.-AVC 6H6
    Noise Limiter 6H6
    S-Meter Amp.-Phase Inverter 6SN7GT
    1st AF Amp. 6SJ7
    Audio Output (2) 6V6GT
    BFO Oscillator 6SJ7
    Voltage Reg. OB2
    Current Reg. 4H-4C
    Rectifier 5V4G


    Antenna Input: 50-300 ohms, balanced or unbalanced.

    Size: Table 19 3/4" wide x 10 1/8" high x 16" deep. : Rack 19" wide x 10 1/2" high x 17 1/16" from rear of front panel incl. 1 1/8" handle.

    Finish: Smooth gray enamel.

    Shipping Weight: 88 lbs.

    Optional Accessories: HRO-60R - Rack model receiver with A, B, C, D coil sets.; HRO-60T - Table model receiver with A, B, C, D coil sets. HRO-60RS - Rack Model Speaker.; HRO-60TS - Table Model Speaker.; HRO-60-Deluxe Receiving Installation. (Consists of HRO- 60R with A, B, C, D coil sets, HRO-60SC2 speaker and coil container MRR-2 Table Rack.); HRO-60-SC2 - Speaker and container for 10 coil sets. ; HRO-60-XCU-2 - 100/1000 kc crystal calibrator. ; HRO-650S - 6 V. vibrator type supply. ; MRR-2 - Table Rack. ; NFM-83-50 - Narrow Band FM adaptor. Coils. - E, F, G, H, J, AA, AB, AC, AD.

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