National 200

One for the road, or do you need a new rig for fixed-station use? Or a second or even third rig for vacation or even portable operation? Or a replacement for a single or tri-band transceiver? For that matter, the brand-new National 200 five-band transceiver, at only $359, is a natural for anything that demands top-notch SSB, CW, and AM performance on the 80 through 10 meter bands with minimal investment. Traditional National Workmanship and our one-year guarantee are yours, in a five-bander priced even lower than a kit rig!


  • Complete coverage of the 80 through 10 meter bands.

  • 200 Watt PEP input on SSB, plus grid-block CW and.AM.

  • Separate product and AM detection plus fast-attack slow-release AGC in all modes.

  • Crystal-controlled front end and single VFO gives high stability, plus identical calibration and tuning rate on all bands.

  • Crystal lattice filter for high sideband suppression on transmit, and rejection of adjacent channel QRM on receive.

  • Solid-state balanced modulator for "set-and-forget" carrier suppression.

  • Operates from new low-cost AC-200 supply ($75.00) or from NCX-A or mobile power supplies.

  • 45:1 planetary/split gear tuning drive.

  • Automatic carrier insertion in AM and CW modes.

  • ALC

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    Source: 1966 QSTs

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