The new National NC-108 FM Receiver/Tuner is a nine-tube plus rectifier and tuning indicator (the rack model employs a tuning meter) superheterodyne with ratio type FM detector. The frequency range is 87 - 109 mc. and the dial is calibrated in both megacycles and channels. There is a built-in 5" PM speaker for monitoring and VOLUME and TONE controls are operative on both self contained and external audio systems. The NC-108 is designed primarily to serve as the nucleus of a high fidelity installation for the reception and reproduction of FM broadcast entertainment. It can be used in conjunction with any public address or other audio amplifier-loud speaker system or with any conventional broadcast or short wave receiver. The built-in speaker can be switched on or off from the front panel as desired. The NC-108 may also be used as an FM receiver complete in itself---the monitoring speaker affords thoroughly enjoyable listening.


R.F. Amplifier 6BA6
Mixer 6AG5
Heterodyne Osc. 6C4
1st, 2nd, and 3rd I.F. Amplifiers (3) 6SG7
Ratio discriminator 6H6
1st Audio 6SJ7
Monitor, Power amplifier 6V6GT/G
Tuning indicator (on table model only) 6U5/6G5
Rectifier 5Y3GT

SENSITIVITY: With 22.5 kc. deviation, a 7 microvolt signal gives 8 volts of audio at output terminals with less than 2% distortion.

SELECTIVITY: I.F. bandwidth 150 kc. at 3 db. down and 600 kc. at 60 db. down.

IMAGE REJECTION: Approximately 40 db.

FIDELITY: Overall response flat within 2 db. from 50 to 18,000 cycles. Standard RMA de-emphasis can be cut in or out as desired.

AUDIO OUTPUT: Maximum audio voltage delivered to output terminals is approximately 10 volts. Input circuit of the following amplifier should be high impedance.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: Both the NC-108R and NC-108T operate from 110/125 V. 50/60 cycles A.C.

PHYSICAL DATA: NC-108R panel height 8 3/4", 25 lbs. net (31 lbs. packed for shipment), depth behind panel 8 3/4" overall, Black Wrinkle finish. NC-108T 16 9/16" x 8 3/4" x 8 1/2", 24 lbs. net (30 lbs. packed for shipment), smooth Gray Enamel finish.

NC-108R Rack Model Net $115.00
NC-108T Table Model Net $99.50
TB-1 Tilt Base for the Table Model Net $3.95

Source: National Radio Products 1948 catalog.

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