The accent is on value . . . with features found only in more expensive receivers. The lowest-priced general coverage receiver available today with exclusive "Microtome" crystal filter, separate product detector for CW and SSB reception. Has big "S"meter. Covers 540 kc to 40 mc in four bands including broadcast band. Voice, CW or SSB. Features smart, new styling.


  • Calibrated bandspread for 10, 11, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter amateur bands. Separate tuning capacitors, knobs, and scales for general coverage and bandspread.

  • Large 12 inch indirectly-lighted lucite slide rule dial.

  • Adequate over-all selectivity with eleven miniature tubes including rectifier and voltage regulator.

  • Has exclusive "microtome" crystal filter providing five degrees of sharp selectivity in addition to normal bandwidth for voice, has sharp phasing notch over 60 db deep for interference rejection.

  • Separate product detector for excellent reception of CW and SSB Signals.

  • Has "S"meter on front panel for signal strength indication and more accurate tuning.

  • Separate high frequency oscillator tube increases stability. Has ceramic oscillator coil forms and is temperature compensated for exceptional stability.


    RF Amp. 6BA6
    Freq. Conv. 6BE6
    HF Osc. 6C4
    1st IF Amp. 6BA6
    2nd IF Amp. 6BA6
    1st AF and BFO/S meter amp. 12AT7
    AF Output 6AQ5
    Rectifier 5Y3GT
    Voltage Regulator OB2
    Product Detector 6BE6
    Det, AVC and ANL 6AL5

    CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION: Eleven vacuum tubes, including a rectifier and a voltage regulator, are used. A superheterodyne circuit is used in which signals from the RF amplifier and local oscillator are heterodyned in the mixer producing a 455 kc IF signal. This mixer product is then amplified by two audio amplifier stages to a sufficiently high level to drive a loudspeaker or headphones. The crystal filter provides six degrees of selectivity. Bandwidth of the crystal filter varies form 3.8 kc to 50 cycles at 6 db points over the six positions of the Selectivity switch. A product detector is used for signal sideband and CW reception. An extremely stable CW oscillator is used for carrier injection.Sufficient oscillator stability for single sideband reception is ensured by power supply regulation and careful circuit design

    TUNING SYSTEM: Separate general coverage and bandspread tuning capacitors connected in parallel on all bands. Bandspread, used primarily for tuning the amateur bands, can be used as a vernier for general coverage use. Antenna trimmer is on the front panel.

    A .54 - 1.6 mc
    B 1.6 - 4.7 mc 3.5 - 4.0 mc (80 meters)
    C 4.7 - 15.0 mc 6.9 - 7.3 mc (40 meters)
    D 14.0 - 40 mc 14 - 14.35 mc (20 meters)
    20.4 - 21.5 mc (15 meters)
    27 - 30 mc (10/11 meters)

    AUDIO SYSTEM: Two-stage audio amplifier with single 6AQ5 output tube provides 1.5 watts at less than 10% distortion. A handsomely styled accessory speaker is available. Output impedance 3.2 ohms. Has phone jack.

    DRIFT: .01% or less.

    SENSITIVITY: Under 1-2 microvolts (10db signal/noise ratio).

    SELECTIVITY: 6 positions. Constant Gain.

    6 db 5.2 kc 200 cycles
    60 db 29.5 kc 10 kc


    Antenna Input: 50-300 ohms, balanced or unbalanced.

    Size: 16 3/16" Wide x 10" High x 10 7/8" Deep.

    Finish: Handsome Two-tone gray wrinkle finish.

    Shipping Weight: Approx. 35 lbs.

    Optional Accessories: NTS-1 Loudspeaker, XCU-109 Crystal Calibrator and the NFM-83-50 FM Adaptor.

    Only $19.95* down

    Up to 20 months to pay at most Receiver Distributors.

    *Suggested Price: $199.95**

    **Prices slightly higher west of Rockies and outside U.S.A.

    Source: 1958 Radio Amateur's Handbook and the National NC-109 manual

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