Here's the top buy for the amateur, shortwave listener, and high fidelity enthusiast! The new National NC-121 has the appearance, performance, and features you'd expect to find in equipment costing half again as much. Massive, brushed-finish, extruded aluminum front panel together with jet-black dial background and trim make the NC-121 a handsome choice for den or living room listening. And look at the range of built-in features that only National offers you at this low price.


  • Continuous coverage from 550 KC to 30 MC in four bands

  • Large illuminated edge-reading signal strength meter operative on both AM and CW/SSB

  • Peaking Q-multiplier for optimum selectivity to meet critical receiving requirements

  • Built-in 5" permanent magnet speaker and front-panel headphone jack

  • Special band-spread calibration charts for all popular amateur and foreign broadcast bands

  • Separate combination BFO/product detector

  • Full time AGC for SSB/CW signals as well as for AM


    Converter 6BE6
    1st IF Amp. 6BA6
    2nd IF Amp. 6BA6
    AM Det., Noise Limiter, 1st AF 6T8
    BFO, 2nd AF 6AW8
    Rectifier 6X4

    MAIN TUNING RANGES: 550 - 1600 KC, 1.6 - 4.5 MC, 4.0 - 12.0 MC, 11.0 - 30.0 MC.

    ANTENNA INPUT: 50-300 ohms. I.F. Selectivity (Q Multiplier) - Adjustable from 5 KC to approximately 500 cycles by front panel control. 7 KC bandwidth for full fidelity broadcast reception in broad position.

    AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL: Operates on all modes including Single Sideband (SSB), Code (CW), and AM reception.

    S-METER: Operates on AM, Single Sideband and Code reception. Calibrated in S units and in decibels above S-9.

    NOISE LIMITER: High performance automatic series gate noise limiter for maximum impulse noise rejection without signal distortion.

    Q MULTIPLIER: Highly efficient vacuum tube fixedtuned peaking type to obtain maximum selectivity for any listening requirement. Continuously variable from 7 KC to 500 cycles.

    SEPARATE PRODUCT DETECTOR: Combination triode product detector-BFO circuit to assure optimum performance and minimum distortion during code and single sideband reception.

    AM DETECTOR: A separate vacuum tube diode detector is used for AM reception.

    TUNER OUTPUT: Audio output from either diode or product detector is available for use with an external Hi-Fi system when the FUNCTION switch is placed in the TUNER position. Output level is set by the AUDIO GAIN control.

    AUDIO SYSTEM: Built-in 5" speaker, 3.2 ohm output circuit for earphones or external speaker available at front panel phone jack.

    POWER SUPPLY: Full wave vacuum tube rectifier, transformer operated,

    POWER REQUIREMENTS: 105-125 volts AC, 50-60 cycles.

    DIMENSIONS: 7 5/8" high, 13 1/2" wide, 8 5/8" deep in steel case. 7 13/16" high, 14 1/4" wide, 9 3/8" deep in oiled walnut case.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 28 lbs.

    NC-121 Net $130
    NC-121W (with walnut case) Net $160

    Source: National flyer on the NC-121

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