National know-how brings you a precision double conversion receiver at a price all can afford. The instant sideband selection combined with another National "velvet" dial brings you an ease of sideband tuning available only in the finest equipment. The


Frequency Ranges
6 meter band 50.0 - 54.0 Mc
10 meter band 28.0 - 29.7 Mc
15 meter band 21.0 - 21.5 Mc
20 meter band 14.0 - 14.4 Mc
40 meter band 7.0 - 7.3 Mc
80 meter band 3.5 - 4.0 Mc

Tuning Control: 12:1 step down ratio with pinch type drive for smooth inertia tuning.

Calibration: Built-in 100 Kc crystal calibrator and exclusive National lateral dial adjustment provide for extremes calibration accuracy.

Intermediate Frequency
1st IF - 2,215 Kc, 2nd IF - 230 Kc

Image Rejection: Double conversion superheterodyne circuit provides optimum image and intermediate frequency rejection on all bands.

Sensitivity: Better then 1.5 microvolt for 1 watt output, 10 db signal to noise ratio.

Special patented "Ferrite Filter" provides instant SSB selection and the following bandwidths:

VERY SHARP 600 cycles
USB 2.5 Kc
LSB 2.5 Kc
BROAD 5.0 Kc

Reception of Amplitude Modulation Signals: A separate linear diode detector is used. Front panel selection of Automatic or Manual Gain Control.

Reception of Single Sideband Signals: Special patented "Ferrite Filter" provides instant selection of upper and lower with special linear heterodyne detector and separate carrier re-insertion.

Reception of CW Signals: Heterodyne detector circuit with separate beat frequency oscillator.

Interference Rejection: "Bifilar T Notch" rejection circuit, tunable over entire IF bandwidth, provides greater than 50 db of interfering signal Rejection.

Noise Limiter: Automatic type, self-adjusting to various signal levels.

Signal Strength Meter: Calibrated in S units from "S-1" to "S-9" (at 50 v input) and "10 db" to "60 db" above S-9.

Audio Power Output: 3.0 watts, better than 1.5 watts at 10% distortion.

Antenna Input: 72 ohms, unbalanced on all bands.

Output Circuit: 3.2 ohms for loudspeaker. Separate front panel headphone jack.

Control Circuit: Standby-Receive switch with separate set of contacts for external control available at rear of receiver. Rear panel circuit is closed in the Standby position only.

Power Line Requirements: 105-125 volts A.C.--- 50-60 cycles--- 75 watts

Front Panel Controls: Tuning, Radio frequency gain, Notch depth, Notch frequency, Beat frequency oscillator, Antenna trimmer, Bandswitch, Mode switch, AM(AGC on), ANL(AGC on), CW/SSB(AGC off), AM(AGC off), ANL (AGC off), Phone jack, Sta

Flip Foot: Unique "Flip Foot" on receiver and matching and matching speaker for maximum operating convenience.

Dimensions: 8 5/8" high---15 5/8" wide---9" deep

Shipping Weight 28 lbs.

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