National NC-300

tuned to tomorrow

National's famous "Dream Receiver." An extremely sensitive highly stable with exceptional calibration accuracy. Has eight electrical bands, 160 through 10 meters, plus a special 30-35 mc range used as a tunable IF for 6, 2, and 11\4 meters.


  • Ten dial scales for coverage of 160 to 11/4 meters with nationals exclusive new convertor provision with the receiver scales calibrated for 6, 2, 11/4 meters using a special 30 to 35 mc tuneable IF band.

  • Longest slide rule dial ever! More then a foot long! Easily readable to 2 kc without interpolation up to 21.5 mc.

  • Three-position IF selector-5 kc, 3.5 kc, 8 kc-provides superior selectivity, gives optimum band width for CW, phone, phone net or VHF operation.

  • Separate linear detector for single side band . . . decreases distortion by allowing AVC "on" with single sideband . . . will not block with RF gain full open.

  • Hi-speed, smooth inertia tuning dial with 40 to 1 ratio! Provides easier more accurate tuning. Smoothest dial you've ever used.

  • Exclusive optional RF gain provision for best CW results allow independent control of IF gain!

  • Giant easy to read "S" meter!

  • Provision for external control of RF gain automatically during transmitting periods.

  • Muting provision for CW beak-in operation.

  • Calibration reset adjustable from front panel to provide exact frequency setting!

  • Dual conversion on all bands!

  • Crystal filter with phasing control and three-position bandwidth control!

  • Wide range tone control, for control of both low frequency and high frequency end of response curve!

  • Socket for crystal calibrater plus accessory sockets for powering converts and future accessaries!

  • First IF frequency-2215 kc.

  • Second IF frequency-80 kc.

  • Selectivity at 6db down 500 cycles, 3.5 kc and 8 kc. Selectable from the front panel without additional accessories! Nothing extra to buy!

  • Crystal filter at 2215 kc provides notching plus three bandwidth positions in addition to the three IF selectivity positions. No other receiver has this versatility.


    Band Designation and Length
    160 meters- 1.8 to 2.0 mc.
    80 meters- 3.5 to 4.0 mc.
    40 meters- 7.0 to 7.3 mc.
    20 meters- 14.0 to 14.4 mc.
    15 meters- 21.0 to 21.5 mc.
    11 meters- 26.5 to 27.5 mc.
    10 meters- 28.0 to 29.7 mc.
    6 meters- 49.5 to 54.5 mc. *
    2 meters- 143.5 to 148.5 mc. *
    11/4 meters- 220 to 225 mc. *
    *Useable with accessory converters.


    Combination gear-pinch for smooth inertia tuning.


    The audio amplifier uses a single 6AQ5 output tube delivering 1.0 watts at less then 10% distortion. Has front panel phone jack. Output impedance is 8 ohms.


    Under 1.5 microvolts (with a 300-ohm dummy antenna and 10 db signal/noise ratio).

    6 db 0.5 kc 3.5 kc 8.0 kc
    60 db 3 kc 12 kc 30 kc

    160 80 db
    80 80 db
    40 60 db
    20 75 db
    15 55 db
    10 50 db
    11 50 db


    RF gain and AC ON/OFF; AF Gain and RF tube Gain Switch; Tone Control; AM-CW-SSB-ACC Switch; CW Pitch; Main Tuning; Calibration Correct; Antenna Trimmer; Crystal Calibrater ON/OFF; Limiter; IF Selectivity; Crystal Phasing; Band Switch; Phono-jack.

    1st RF Amp. 6BZ6
    1st Mixer 6BA7
    1st Osc. 6AH6
    2nd Mixer 6BE6
    1st IF Amp. 6BJ6
    2nd IF Amp. 6BJ6
    ANL and Det. 6AL5
    CWO/SSB Det. 6BE6
    1st Audio and S Meter Amp. 12AT7
    Audio Output 6AQ5
    Current Regulator 4H4-C
    Voltage Regulator 0B2
    Rectifier 5Y3


    Antenna Input: 500-300 ohms, balanced or unbalanced.

    Size: 19 1/2" wide x 11 1/4" high x 15" deep (19" rack out of cabinet)

    Finish: Two-tone gray enamel.

    Shipping Weight: (Legal) 64 lbs.

    Optional Accessories
    Converters NC-300-CC Converter Cabinet
    NC-300C6 for 6-meter band. NC-300-TS Speaker.
    NC-300-C2 for 2-meter band. XCU-300 Plug-in Crystal Calibrator
    NC-300-C1 for 1 1/4 meter band.

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