The NC-33 is a real communications receiver covering all frequencies from 500 kc. to 35 Mc. It comes complete with speaker and AC/DC power supply in an attractive light- weight metal cabinet -- carefully produced from components of good quality. It is simple to install and a pleasure to operate. This economical superheterodyne will serve well and reliably. The NC-33 is the perfect choice for your living room, playroom or den.

Here are some of the features of the NC-33 --details common to the larger communications receivers:

  • Choice of two audio output circuits, the efficient 5" PM speaker mounted behind the metal grille at the left of the panel and the PHONES jack. The latter is wired to silence the speaker when the plug is inserted, thus enabling the listener to en- joy reception without disturbing others in the same room.

  • Automatic noise limiter which can be switched in from the front panel to mini- mize objectionable interference originating from auto ignition systems, household ap- pliances, static and the like.

  • Bandswitching from panel by means of a positive four-position lever-type switch knob.

  • Send/Receive switch -- removes plate volt- age when in SEND position thus silencing the receiver without allowing the tube heaters to cool.

  • CW oscillator built in for reception of code signals with PITCH control for ad- justment of the beat note.

  • Ample selectivity for separating stations.

  • Calibrated electrical bandspread on all bands thus affording bandspread operation at any point within the frequency range of the receiver.


    Converter 12SA7
    I.F. Amplifier (455 kc.) 12SG7
    Second Det.-A.V.C.-A.N.L. 12H6
    First Audio-C.W.O. 12SL7GT/G
    Audio Output 35L6GT/G
    Rectifier 35Z5GT/G

    TUNING SYSTEM: The tuning range of the NC-33 is continuous from 500 kc. to 35 Mc. and is covered in four bands as follows:

    A 12.0 - 35.0 Mc.
    B 4.0 - 12.0 Mc
    C 1.42 - 4.2 Mc.
    D 0.5 - 1.42 Mc.

    The main dial has its four scales calibrated directly in megacycles with amateur, police and foreign broadcast bands clearly identified. Main tuning and bandspread tuning capacitors are connected in parallel on all bands. By this means, the 360 degree, 0-100 bandspread dial can be used to tune any portion of the frequency spectrum to which the main dial is set and stations can be separated and logged quite readily.

    POWER REQUIREMENTS: Approximately 24 watts, 105/130 v., 50/60 cycles a.c. or 105/130 volts d.c.

    PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The NC-33 measures 16 9/16" x 8 3/4" x 8 1/2" and weighs 17 lbs. (23 lbs. packed for shipment). The finish is durable gunmetal gray enamel.


    NC-33 Receiver Net $65.95
    TB-1 Tilt Base Net $3.95

    Source: National Radio Products 1948 Catalog

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