The new NC-44 Communication Receiver combines capable performance with low price. It employs seven tubes in a superheterodyne circuit. There are separate controls for RF and AF gain, and on and off switches for the AVC and CWO circuits. The self-contained power supply operates on 105-130 volts AC or DC. A straight line frequency condenser is used in conjunction with a separate band spread condenser. This combination plus the full vision linear scale for the band spread condenser, makes accurate tuning easy. Both condensers have an inertia-type drive. A coil switch with silver plated contact selects the four ranges from 550 KC to 30 MC. Provision is make for either head phone or speaker operation.


First Det. - Osc. 6K8
1st I.F. 6L7
2nd I.F. 6L7
2nd Det. - A.V.C. 6SQ7
Audio Output - 1st Audio Stage 25L6G
C.W. Osc. 6J7
Rectifier 25Z5

TUNING SYSTEM: A dual tuning system provides both general coverage and band spread operation. The main tuning capacitor is of straight line frequency design and is coupled to a scale calibrated accurately in megacycles; it is operated though a vernier reduction drive having a ratio of about 30 to 1. The electrical bandspread system comprises a separate two-gang tuning capacitor with a separate dial mechanism and dial scale. The various amateur bands are spread as follows:

Megacycles Divisions
3.5 to 4.0 65
7.0 to 7.3 50
14.0 to 14.4 56
28.0 to 30.0 40

ANTENNA: Three antenna terminals are located on the right-hand side of the cabinet. The center terminal is grounded to the cabinet and is provided with a strap by means of which it may be connected to either of the other terminals when using a single-wire antenna.

OUTPUT CIRCUIT: The output terminals of the receiver are connected in the plate circuit of the 25L6G power output tube. The speaker furnished with the receiver is of the permanent magnet dynamic type having a suitable coupling transformer to mach the load impedance of the tube - 1500 ohms. A headphone jack is mounted at the rear of the chassis and is wired in such manner that the speaker is quiet with the phones are in use.

CONTROLS: Separate audio and I.F. gain controls are provided and each of the these controls is fitted with a switch. When the audio gain control is turned to the "off" position, the B-supply circuit is opened to place the receiver in stand-by position. Turning the R.F. gain control to the minimum position turns the receiver completely off. In addition to these controls, separate switches are provided for the C.W. oscillator and the AVC circuits.

SHIPPING WEIGHTS: NC-44, 45 pounds - NC44B, 45 pounds.

NC-44 - Receiver, complete with tubes, coils covering from 550 KC to 30 MC, and speaker in cabinet, for 105 - 130 volts AC or DC operation - black finish List $82.50

NC-44B - Receiver, same as above but for battery operation, less batteries List $82.50

RRA - Relay Rack Adapters designed for mounting these receivers in a standard relay rack. List $2.50

Source: National Radio Products Catalog 1941, Instruction Manual for the National NC-44 Receiver.

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