The New National NC-46 Receiver is a fine performer at a moderate price. Ten tubes in an advanced superheterodyne circuit provide excellent sensitivity throughout the receiver's range from 540KC to 30 MC. Circuit features include an amplified and delayed AVC, series valve noise limiter with automatic threshold control, CW oscillator and separate RF and AF gain controls. The push-pull output provides 3 watts power, and the AC-DC power supply is self-contained.


Converter-Osc. 6K8
1st I.F. 6SG7
2nd I.F. 6SG7
Det.-Limiter 6H6
AVC Amp. 6SF7
CW Osc. 6SJ7
Audio-Inverter 6SC7
Push-Pull Audio Out (2) 25L6GT
Rectifier 25Z5

FREQUENCY RANGE: The Frequency Range of the NC-46 Receiver is 540. Kc. to 30. Mc. covered in four bands.

Band General Coverage Band Spread
A 11.5 - 30.0 Mc. 3.5 - 4.0 Mc; 70 dial div.
B 4.4 - 12.0 Mc. 7.0 - 7.3 Mc; 50 dial div.
C 1.55 - 4.6 Mc. 14.0 - 14.4 Mc; 56 dial div.
D 0.540 - 1.6 Mc. 27.0 - 30.0 Mc; 60 dial div.

CONTROLS: Main Tuning Dial; Bandspread Tuning Dial; Sensitivity Control; Volume Control; Tone Switch; C.W. Oscillator Switch; AVC Switch; Limiter Switch; Band Selector Switch; B+ Switch and Power Switch.

TERMINALS: On Rear Panel; Phone Jack; B+ Terminals; 8 Ohm Spkr. Terminals; Ant. Terminal; Fuse extractor post.

SENSITIVITY: Approximately 5 microvolts input provides a 50 Milliwatt output over the entire range,

SELECTIVITY: The total bandwidth is approximately 4.5 Kc. at 6 db. down and approximately 70 db. attenuation 10 Kc. off resonance is obtained.

POWER INPUT: Operation from 110/130 volts A.C. or D.C. Normal power consumption 65 watts.

POWER OUTPUT: Approximately 4 watts undistorted.


NC-46 Receiver: 9 7/16" high by 17 3/8" wide by 12 3/8" deep, Weight 32 lbs., Gray Wrinkle Finish.

NC-46TS 6" PM Speaker; 8 7/8" high x 10 7/16" wide x 7 1/2" deep, Weight 8 lbs., finish matches receiver.


NC-46 Table Model Complete with Tubes Net $97.50
NC-46TS Table Model Speaker Net $9.90

Source: National Radio Products 1948 Catalog, 1946 QST's

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