Just Right for the beginner, the NC-60. The all-new, all-band receiver with easy to read dial and built-in speaker. Continuous coverage of AM Broadcast, Amateur and World Wide Shortwave bands. Covers from 540 - 31000kHz. Full electrical bandspread on all frequencies, easy-to-read dial with police, civil defense, marine, aircraft, amateur and foreign shortwave stations clearly marked. Logging scale included. Separate general coverage and bandspread Tuning capacitors connected in parallel on all bands. Two-gang capacitors tune signal input and HF oscillator, bandspread knob can be used as vernier on all frequencies. 5 tubes, 50-300 ohms antenna input. Unit complete with built in speaker. Operates on 115 volt A.C. or D.C.

Osc./Converter 12BE6
I.F. Amp/CW Osc. 12BA6
Detector/A.V.C./1st Audio Amp. 12AV6
Power Amp. 50C5
Rectifier 35W4

TUNING: The NC-60 cover 540 - 31000 kHz in 4 bands,

Band Frequency
1 .55 - 1.6 kc.
2 1.6 - 4.5 mc.
3 4 - 12 mc.
4 10.5 - 31 mc.

PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 7 5/8" by 8 5/8" by 13 1/2". Two tone black and gray enamel. Shipping weight: 15 lbs.

Net $59.95

Source: World Radio Laboratories 1959 catalog and Shortwave Receivers Past and Present

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