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Worlds Most Versatile Receiver . . . a ham receiver, a 3-way portable, a mariene receiver, and a SWL receiver.

For home and away-indoors and out.

Nationals new NC-66 offers you AC/DC-battery operation, five band coverage from 150 kc to 23 mc, electrical bandspread with logging scale, plus a fixed-tuned CW oscillator. Housed in a handsome, rugged metal cabinet with a carrying handle, National quality is evident throughout this great new portable. You'll find attractively functional with a long "Full-View" slide rule dial, a quality 5" PM speaker, and a phono jack. It also has two antennas: whip and loop stick.

For boat owners a special marine band from 150kc to 400 kc covers maritime DF beacon service. And of course CD positions are clearly marked.


  • Continuous coverage of DF beacons, AM broadcast, amateur and world-wide shortwave bands. 150-400 kc, .5 to 23 mc.

  • Operates on 115 volt AC or DC or self-contained batteries, or 220 volt AC accessory adaptor.

  • Full electrical bandspread.

  • Provisions for external direction finder for marine use.

  • Salt spray tested.

  • Built-in ferrite loop antenna for DF and BC bands.

  • Built-in whip antenna for shortwave bands.

  • Receives voice or code. Has CW oscillator; and provisions for phones.

  • "Full-Vue" slide rule dial with easy-to-read scale. Amateur and principal shortwave bands as well as CD positions clearly marked.

  • Logging scale provided.

  • complete with built in speaker.

  • Separate switch for stand-by operation.

  • Handsome modern styling: two-tone metal cabinet, chrome trim, with carrying handle, and enclosed back.

    DF 150-400 KC
    BC .50-1.4 MC
    1 1.40-4.05 MC
    2 4.0-11.4
    3 11.0-23 MC

    TUNING SYSTEM: Separate general coverage and bandspread tuning capacitors connected in parallel on all bands. Three gang capacitors tune antenna, RF and oscillator circuits. Bandspread knob can be used as a vernier on all frequencies.

    AUDIO SYSTEM: Two-stage audio amplifier with 3V4 output tube. Has speaker and phone output jack.

    CONTROLS: Main tuning; bandspread; volume control; band selector switch; AM-CW switch; stand-by; off - receive switch.

    RF 1U4
    Convertor 1L6
    CW on-IF Amp. 1U4
    2d Det. - AVC - 1st audio 1U5
    Audio output 3V4
    Rectifier Selenium


    Antenna input: 50-300 ohms, unbalanced.

    Size:12-5/16" wide x 9-11/16" high x 10" deep (overall).

    Finish: two-tone gray.

    Shipping weight: 16lbs. less batteries.

    Optional accessories: RDF-66 Loop, 220V. adaptor.

    Only $12.95* down

    Up to 20 months to pay at most receiver distributors.

    *Suggested price: $129.95**

    **Prices slightly higher west of Rockies and outside U.S.A.

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