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National's new 2000 watt linear amplifier is desk-top dynamite.

Every component on the NCL-2000 is rated for operation at a "DC" kilowatt, if you want to check power output you'll need a bigger wattmeter then those now available on the amateur market. On any band the '2000 will pin a meter that only reads 1000 watts full scale. Addition of the NCL-2000 to your desk-top station allows you to run at the maximum power allowed by law. It's no half-way linear with TV components and a "Christmas tree" string of receiving tubes straining to deliver a doubtfully efficient 500 watts (average) input. The two 8122 ceramic tetrode output tubes were designed specifically for SSB, and provide 800 watts of plate dissipation to assure conservative operation - and at a replacement cost of only $31.50 each. Not only does the NCL-2000 deliver the power, but it does it cleanly. Third and fifth order distortion products are down 30 to 45 db, hum and noise down a minimum of 40 db. Operate in areas of high humidity? Don't worry about power supply or plate circuit breakdown. The '2000 is rated for full output at 90% ambient humidity. Properly safety conscious? You would have to work to work to get by the lid interlock that positively breaks all power to the plate relay, or the automatic shorting bar that discharges B+ directly to ground (throwing out the overload relay) in case of the remote possibility of interlock or bleeder failure. In addition, the equipment itself is protected through a one minute time delay relay and a plate overload relay.


  • 2,000 watt PEP input on SSB, 1000 watt input on CW, RTTY, or AM.

  • Equal power output on all bands 80 through 10 meters.

  • Completely self-contained desk-top package with built-in power supply.

  • Exclusive grid-controlled AB2 operation for high efficiency and linearity.

  • May be driven to full output with any exciter delivering 20 watts to 200 watts PEP

  • Passive grid with internal 50 ohm exciter dummy load and relative exciter output indication for simplest tuneup.

  • All necessary relays built in for transceiver or transmitter-receiver operation when desired.

  • Instantaneous switch over to exciter - only operation when desired.

  • ALC output.

  • Separate precision plate and multimeters.

  • Most complete safety and overload protection, including 1 minute time delay relay, overload relay, lid interlock and automatic shorting bar.

    POWER: Entire equipment I.C.A.S. rated for full 1000 average, 2000 watt peak input; output tubes and all RF components rated for C.C.S. operation. Power input and efficiency identical on all bands--80 through 10 meters.

    SIZE: Completely self-contained, including power supply, in desk-top cabinet (dimensions only 7 5/8" H, 16 1/4" W, 12 3/4" D).

    DRIVE REQUIREMENTS: Adjustable passive grid input and use of high power ceramic tetrodes in final permits drive to full output with exciters delivering as little as 20 watts or as much as 200 watts.

    METERING: Separate rear-illuminated precision D'Arsonval plate and multi-meters for simultaneous measurements.

    ALC: ALC output to exciter for maximum talk-power with greatest linearity.

    SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE DEVICES: Fuses, time delay and plate current overload relays, plate power lid interlock and automatic HV mechanical shorting bar.

    CLASS OF OPERATION: Grid-regulated AB2 permits easiest tune-up, low drive power for maximum exciter linearity, and protection from destructive peak currents.

    EASE OF TUNE-UP: Internal dummy load in grid circuit makes adjustment of exciter into amplifier possible without turning on the NCL-2000 and without radiating a signal.

    STYLING: Award-winning design matches NCX-5 transceiver and complements any equipment.

    Your National dealer has the NCL-2000 in stock right now . . . at only $585, better buy one in self defense.

    Source: 1965 and 1968 QSTs.

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