Now from National - a brand-new Transceiver concept that brings you the three most popular amateur bands at a price equivalent to economy single-band units! No need to compromise on only one band - no need to spend a $300 to $800 premium for coverage of the two steadily deteriorating high frequency bands! The handsome, rugged, NCX-3 complements both your car and the ham shack and provides you with a solid 200 watts of SSB punch - plus - every feature National could think of for easy, relaxed ham band operation - vox or push to talk, CW break-in, SSB/CW AGC, S-meter - even a separate AM detector! The specifications really tell the story . . . study them carefully and see your National dealer as soon as possible. We're devoting additional production facilities to the NCX-3 to assure maximum delivery rate, and will start delivery December 30 - don't postpone your enjoyment of the new NCX-3 - get your advance order in now!


  • Complete coverage of the 80, 40 and 20 meter phone and CW bands.

  • All desirable operating features including built-in VOX/PTT, SSB/CW AGC, AM detection in the AM mode, and break-in CW with adjustable release time.

  • Variable pi-network final amplifier uses parallel 6GJ5 pentodes for conservative 200 watts PEP on SSB, 200 watts DC input on CW and 100 watts input on AM.

  • High frequency 2.5 kc crystal lattice filter for both transmit and receive, together with RCA 7360 balanced modulator provides 50 db carrier suppression and 40 db unwanted sideband suppression.

  • National "high-zero" VFO for maximum mechanical and electrical stability provide simultaneous transmit and receive frequency adjustment.

  • Combination illuminated D'Arsonval meter automatically switches between signal strength and PA cathode current.

  • Function switch automatically sets NCX-3 up for operation in any mode.

  • Extruded aluminum front panel for maximum solidity, anodized instead of painted for resistance to wear and scratches.

  • Front panel carrier balance control for AM or CW operation.

  • External relay control for use with high power linear amplifier.

  • The NCX-3 is backed by National's exclusive One Year Guarantee . . . your assurance of superb engineering and trouble-free operation.

    FREQUENCY RANGE: 3480 Kc to 4020 Kc, 6980 Kc to 7310 Kc, 13880 Kc to 14420 Kc.

    TYPES OF EMISSION: SSB (LSB 80 and 40 meters, USB 20 meters), AM (SSB with carrier inserted), CW.

    FREQUENCY STABILITY: 400 cycles long-term after warm-up.

    OPERATING FACILITIES: all modes - full AGC and S-Meter on receiver: SSB - VOX or PTT transmit, product detector on receiver: AM - VOX or PTT transmit, triode detector on receive; CW - grid block break-in transmit, product detector on receive.

    METERING: PA cathode current on transmit; S-Meter on receive.

    RECEIVER SENSITIVITY: 1.0 uv for 10 db S/N ratio.

    RECEIVER AUDIO OUTPUT: Better than 2 Watts; 3.2 ohms.

    R.F. POWER OUTPUT: 120 watts SSB PEP, 120 watts CW, 30 watts AM.

    POWER REQUIREMENTS: 700 V.D.C. @ 300 MA., 280 V.C.D. @ 125 ma., -80 V.D.C. @ 10 ma., 12.6 V. @ 5A.

    TUBE COMPLEMENT: 18 tubes, 6 diodes, 26 Functions; parallel 6GJ5's in final amplifier.

    MAIN TUNING RATIO: 45:1, employing planetary and split gear drive.

    ACCESSORIES: NCXA 115 V.A.C. power supply/speaker console; NCXD 12 V.C.D. power supply.

    Amateur Net $369 - need we say more?

    Source 1962 QST's

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