Feel like a little larceny? go ahead. Take advantage of us. At only $685.00, National's NCX-5 transceiver is a steal. Here's a total station transceiver for the 80 through 10 meter bands which gives you more features and performance than any other transceiver at any price. The new NCX-5 transceiver is dramatically superior in features and performance to the finest equipment previously available, yet sells for the price of ordinary transceivers. The NCX-5 was designed as a total amateur station for the 80, 20, 40, 15 and 10 meter bands, without compromise for either mobile or fixed station operation. Accordingly, the NCX-5 incorporates a linear solid state VFO with essentially no warmup drift - NCX-5 stability from turn-on is equal to the best tube type oscillators after "warm-up" and is unaffected by large excursions in temperature or voltage input. Dial calibration is by means of a technique previously found in only the most expensive military equipment - a digital counter read-out accurate to one kilocycle on each band with additional counter calibration to 100 cycles.


  • VFO input for optional VFO console

  • VFO console incorporates split-frequency crystal channels as well as tunable VFO functions, with sharp selectivity and sidetone oscillator for CW operation.

  • Built-in ALC (10db) with ALC input for NCL-2000 2 KW amplifier

  • Two R.F.stages in receiver

  • New separate AM detector as well as product detector

  • Front panel choice of built-in VOX, PTT or new MOX operation

  • Easy access hinged cover

  • 200 watt input on SSB or CW, 100 watts AM

  • Break-in grid block CW

  • Fast-attack slow decay AGC

  • S-meter/plate meter

  • May be operated from NCX-A or NCX-D power supplies

  • Optional XCU-27 100 Kc.calibrator

  • Mobile mount included

  • National's One Year Warranty.

    FREQUENCY RANGE: With crystals supplied 3,500 to 4,000 KC., 7,000 to 7,300 Kc., 14,000 to 14,500 Kc., 21,000 to 21,500 Kc., 28,500 to 29,000 Kc. (Three additional crystals required if overage of entire 28,000 - 30,000 is desired).

    TUBE AND SEMI-CONDUCTOR COMPLEMENT: 20 tubes, 15 semi-conductors, 41 functions; Parallel 6GJ5's in P.A.

    TYPES OF EMISSION: SSB (selectable upper or lower sideband), AM, CW.

    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE RANGE: 40 - 60 ohms, Pi network.

    FREQUENCY DETERMINATION: Double conversion with crystal-controlled high frequency oscillators and tunable second oscillator.

    DIAL ACCURACY: One kilocycle over entire 500 Kc. tuning range on all bands.

    DIAL CALIBRATION: 100 cycles on all bands.

    TUNING RATIO: Identical on all bands; 10 Kc. per 360 degrees rotation of main tuning control.

    FREQUENCY STABILITY: Not more than 100 cycles variation in any ten-minute period from turn-on including variation in input voltage of 10%.

    SUPPRESSION: Carrier -50db, unwanted sideband -50db, 3rd order distortion products -30db at full output.

    MICROPHONE INPUT: High Impedance.

    DIMENSIONS: 6-5/16" High, 13-5/8" Wide, 11-5/8 Deep.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 26 pounds.

    POWER REQUIREMENTS: 700 V.D.C. @ 300 Ma., 280 V.D.C. @ 160 Ma., -80 V.D.C. @ 10 Ma., 12.6 V. @ 5 A.

    Delivery of National's new NCX-5 transceiver will be in September 1964. Call or write your authorized National dealer today for trade-in information on your present rig and make certain you're first in line for delivery!

    The NCX-5 transceiver is also available in a walnut case.

    Differences, at a glance between the NCX-5 and the NCX-5 MK II.

    Source: 1964 and 65 QSTs

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