Differences between the NCX-5 and NCX-5 MK II



Despite some significant circuit changes that National made to the NCX-5 MK II, the NCX-5 and the NCX-5 MK II remain almost identical at first glance. However there are some subtle differences in the arrangement of parts inside the radios. These provide the only way to tell the two radios apart, without operating them.

The most obvious change under the lid was the replacement of the Carrier Balance adjustment in the NCX-5 with the Carrier Insertion adjustment in the NCX-5 MK II. In both radios the adjustment is located, along with other adjustments on a small bracket attached to the back of the front panel. This is by far the easiest way to quickly tell the two radios apart.

Carrier Balance adjustment on the NCX-5  Carrier Insertion adjustment on the

The other major change to the NCX-5 MK II was the addition of a module, V501 that replaces V10 and C7 in the NCX-5. The tube/capacitor in the NCX-5 and the module in the NCX-5 MK II are located directly behind the VFO capacitor cover.

V10 and C7 on the NCX-5  Module V501 on the

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