NCX-5 Mark II

One thinks long and hard before making a change in a rig like the NCX-5 -- after all, it has proven itself as the finest transceiver ever offered the amateur at any price. But we have designed a new balanced modulator circuit which offers such high performance that we felt it should be incorporated in new NCX-5 production. The new balanced modulator is a solid state ring-type device which is totally unaffected by external or magnetic influences, on-off cycling, aging, or warn-up time. Minimum carrier suppression is 50 db through all of these variables, and typically can be adjusted to provide even 65 or 70db! In fact, the circuit cannot be unbalanced far enough, using the carrier balance control, to provide sufficient carrier for AM or CW operation of the NCX-5. We therefore replaced the carrier balance control with a new carrier insertion control to provide a gradual increase in carrier as the control is turned clockwise. Carrier is also now inserted automatically in the AM or CW positions of the NCX-5 mode switch. "Carrier balance" has become an internal factory adjustment which need never be touched.

The new NCX-5 is designated Mark II, and is identical in appearance to previous units. The superb dial calibration, stability, selectivity, and all other maximum performance features of the NCX-5 are, of course, unchanged (including the remarkable price of only $685).

When we make performance improvements during production we try to make certain that owners of earlier units can similarly improve their equipment, if they wish. So our Customer Service Department has a Mark II kit available for satisfied NCX-5 owners so that they can become satisfied NCX-5 Mark II owners. The NCX-5 is the finest transceiver on the amateur market, proven in operation by amateurs the world over. The Mark II NCX-5 is even better.

Source: National Advertisement, 73 Magazine, Sept 1965

Note: The Mark II has V501 directly behind the VFO capacitor cover instead of V10 and C7.

Differences, at a glance between the NCX-5 and the NCX-5 MK II.

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