Your National RDF-66 is an accessory for use with your National NC-66 Portable Receiver to provide a simple but efficient means of direction finding for small marine craft. It consists of a modified loop antenna mounted on an adjustable compass rose. The front panel contains a null indicator.

The loop may be rotated about the center of the compass rose. A pointer indicates its position with respect to the compass rose, which may be rotated with respect to the chassis. When your RDF-66 is installed, the NC-66 is tuned to a radio transmitter of known location, then the direction of the radio station from the vessel may be determined. If the RDF-66 compass rose is adjusted so its 0 degree - 180 degree line is parallel to the keel, the relative bearing of the transmitter may be continuously checked. If the compass rose of the RDF-66 is set to the compass heading for the vessel, the compass bearing of the transmitter may be read directly.

A three-foot cable permits the RDF-66 to be installed a short distance from the NC-66 or, it may be mounted on the receiver.

Source: The National RDF-66 manual

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