WVLZ - Homebrew Paddle

As I used my K1 Station-in-a-Box, I realized that my trusty Brown Bros Paddle was not well suited for knock around picnic table operation. I needed something a little lighter, more compact and more forgiving of rough handling.

I ended up homebrewing my keyer paddle. Two pieces of 4 3/4" x 1/2" PC board form the arms. They are supported at one end by an empty CR1B miltary crytal holder about 1/2" thick. This style crystal holder is nice because, mounted upside down, it already has tapped mounting holes normally used to keep the crystal holder top in place. Contact is via two bolts against a brass spacer close to the "finger pieces". Travel adjustment is possible by soldering nuts to the PC board arms through which the bolts screw plus an extra nylon bolt separating the arms. Nylon/insulated bolts are used as needed. The base is a piece of steel stock, not the lightest solution but plenty stable.

Now, if I drop my paddle, it is not a trip to AES looking for a replacement but, rather, a trip to the workbench to replace/repair any damaged piece.

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