WVLZ - Station in a Box

I wanted a "luggable" station in a box. Picnic table and park operating was my plan so I didn't need it to be backpackable. I did want it to hold everything required to get on the air, though, including antenna along with a few spare tools such as pliers and wire cutters. Since I didn't buy the Elecraft antenna tuner or internal battery pack these needed to be allowed for also.

I ended up using an old Craftman toolbox. The hinges unfold to become the stand for my K1 transceiver.

The top tray holds the K1, my paddles and the SWR meter.

A 7.5 amp-hr gel cell stays in place at one end of the box. The power lead can be fed through a hole in the side of the toolbox. Everything else is unloaded.

The final station can be configured for tabletop operation or the K1 reversed so that there is a little table space for the paddles while setup on the ground.

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