W0VLZ Operating Position: 1/2006

W0VLZ Operating Position: Jan 2006 AWA OT CW Contest

For the January 2006 AWA Linc Cundall Memorial OT CW Contest I used a Thordarson 100 ( description here and here ) and a National NC81X ( description here ) for six contacts on 80 mtrs.

The NC81X has an unusual combination of features: AC/DC set, ham band only, no RF stage, xtal filter on 1560KC IF, directly calibrated ham bands over 7" scale (40 mtr 10KC points are almost 1/4" apart), 15 turns band edge to band edge, sliding catacomb band "switch". Biggest problems are RF gain pulling HF osc freq, front end overload and warmup drift. This actually worked out pretty good. Probably the biggest problem was the lack of a spotting switch on Thor. I was never certain I wasn't QRMing someone.

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