Loaf Pan 1056 Rcvr

After building a Ten Tec 1054 General Coverage Regen Receiver, I decided to try out a Ten-Tec 1056 "Any Band" Direct-Conversion SSB/CW Receiver (See http://www.tentec.com/products/Any-Band-Direct-Conversion-Receiver-Kit-%252d-Model-1056.html and http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/2829). This receiver kit is sold bare bones without cabinet, front panel or knobs. Ten Tec does offer an enclosure kit but it would have blown my budget. After checking around the local hardware store for a suitable (ie. cheap) enclosure I settled on an aluminum meat loaf pan. My junque box provided knobs but I've seen others available at Radio Shack. The final result is pictured. It works fine on SSB and CW signals on 20 given allowance for initial power on battery voltage drift. Lots of signals are easy to tune in.

I did make two modifications along the way. First, I swapped the bandspread and main tuning controls. This makes sense. The calibrated main tuning control needs the larger location normally given the center/bandspread control. Fortunately the change was simple. All that is required is to swap R4 and R5. I calibrated the receiver with the bandspread control at 12 o'clock. Next I thought that a power on indicator/LED would be neat. I ended up replacing jumper JM1 with a 2 volt Radio Shack LED. This point in the circuit is designed to handle a 2 volt drop and I don't waste 10 volts at 20mA in a dropping resistor to ground.

The 1056 may also be mounted on a 1x4 wooden base as shown below. In this case I used a piece of aluminum for the front panel.


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