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I have probably some of the laziest cats on the face of the planet. My oldest cat is named "Pooh," and he's now about 6-7 years old, and weighs about 15 pounds. While his official name is "Pooh," I sometimes call him "Boo-boo" and my former housemates called "Alcatraz" since he was always looking for a way to get out of the house. I took him in as a stray when he was just a kitty meowing his ass off underneath the hood of a car on the street. With the help of a housemate, I rescued him. He's been hanging out with me ever since. He's a real cool cat.

Here's some early photos of Pooh when he was still a kittycat.

Here's some current shots of Pooh:

Last October, 1997, I visited a friend's wife's stables where they kept one of their horses, and I met 4 kitties. Two were orange-black-white patchy calico kitties named Lucy and Ethel. The calicos were heavy-duty mousers and hunted down all sorts of small rodents with glee and purpose. The other two kitties were solid white kitties with light blue eyes named Fred and Ricky. Gee, I wonder how they got those names...but I digress. These white kitties were not so adept at hunting down the rodents, but they were so much fun and affectionate.

I was toying with the idea of getting another cat for Pooh to play with so he wouldn't be so bored around the house. I was given the opportunity to take the 2 white kitties home with me, but at that time I balked at the idea since I didn't think I could handle 3 cats in the house. A week past, and my friend called to tell me that Ricky had been run over by one of the horses at the stables, and Fred was very lost without his brother around. My friend wanted to know if I'd like to take Fred because he did not know what would happen to him otherwise. I thought about for a day and called my friend back and told him that I'd take Fred home with me and Pooh.

I brought Fred back, kept him in the garage for the first night to keep him separated from Pooh, who meowed the whole night at the door to the garage since he knew another cat was in the garage. The next day I had Fred checked out by the vet, and gave him all the vaccinations he needed so he wouldn't pose a health problem with Pooh. And that's how I was adopted by Fred.

Below are the early photos of when Pooh first met Fred:

While Pooh tends to be very aloof, preferring to sit a foot from me on the couch, Fred like to sit next to me on the couch or on my lap. Fred is more affectionate and playful, but I can have cat conversations with Pooh. Fred does not meow much unless he senses I have a snack in store for him. Fred is more aggressive and always gets my leftovers. Pooh just hangs back unless I personally feed him the table scraps. Fred never fails to wake me up in the mornings by gently pawing at my head, but he does it softly so it's okay. Pooh could care less when I got up. :)

Here's some standalone photos of Fred when he was still about 2-3 months old, still a kitty, and present day.

Fred has grown up quickly into a handsome white cat, though he still acts like a little kitty. These are present day photos where Pooh and Fred play, wrestle, eat and sleep together:

"Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!"(tm) Let's see who wears the pants in the family. Pooh sometimes tries to open up a can of Whup-Ass on Fred with mixed results:

But Fred doesn't go down too easily! After a good deal of wrestling for the day, both retire to the recliner.
These cats can be such posers on ocassion.

These are some more cat photos from friends and family:

These are photos of Vince's (a co-worker on mine) cats. Vince has 3 cats and just recently got adopted by the 3rd cat. The 2 olders cats are named Piwacket and Yahweh: The new kitty is named Bacchus, a very cute white kitty with a pinch of grey. Sometimes stray kitties hang around apartment complexes. Thanks for visiting my cat page. The cats say "Meow!" Hope you had fun.

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