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Every year, Dragon Con is a 4-day sci-fi/fantasy/comic/gaming/video convention held in Atlanta, GA. This year it was held on Labor Day weekend at the Apparel Mart/Hyatt/Merchandise Mart, all of which are located downtown and within 2-3 blocks of each other. It was a pain to have to walk all over creation to get to the panels that I wanted to attend, but I guess that's the best the convention organizers could do. The past Dragon Cons haven't been all that exciting for me, but at least this year there was plenty to occupy most of the four days I was there this year. It helped that I didn't attend any of the other major comic-related conventions this year, so I had to make the most of what Dragon Con had to offered.

Table of Contents:

Dragon Con Registration Lines
Let's get the photo album started with a few photos of the lines that attendees encountered when they went to pick up the badges:

Dealer Room
Now let's take a peek at the dealer's room filled with all the people and merchandise on display:

Dealer Booths
Let's take a look at some of the dealer booths that caught my eye:

Costumed attendees
Every year lots of attendees dress up as different characters from the comics, TV series, and movies. Here's some notables that caught my eye:

The comic-related displays and booths were on the minimal side this year, reflective of a stabilized downturn in the comic market these days, but still the turnout wasn't too bad. It's nowhere like San Diego Comic Con or Chicago Con, but those are mostly about comics while Dragon Con has always been a menagerie of similar genres: Sci-fi/comics/fantasy/gaming.

Dealer Room
Here are some photos of publisher booths that I came across:

Comic Book Creators
Here is a ton of photos of comic creators, you might recognize the name, now match it to a face:

Fan-Pro Comics Trivia Contest
The Fan-Pro Comics Trivia Contest was a very close contest this year. It helped that Mark Waid was nowhere near the state of Georgia. The final score was 298-288 in favor of the fans. Here's some photos from the contest:

Sci-Fi Writers and Directors
One of the highlights of this year was being able to attend panels by Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, and Ray Harryhausen. Here are some photos of the various writers and directors from the panels:

Babylon 5 Cast Members
Now for some photos from the Babylon 5 crew:

Sci-Fi celebrities
Here are other celebrities in attendance that have sci-fi roots:

Friday night's main events were a short concert by Apollo Smile (the live action anime girl), a review of comic-inspired costumes by the dance group Torchy's Tease, and the Dawn Look-alike contest:

Apollo Smile
Photos of Apollo Smile and her concert:

Torchy Tease Dancers
Photos of the Torchy Tease dance numbers:

Dawn Look-alike Contest
Photos of the Dawn Look-alike contest (there were more contestants than what I am showing here):

Models and Actresses
Now what's a sci-fi/fantasy/comics convention without a few scantily clad models and B-movie actresses? If you're offended by this sort of thing (strictly PG-13) you can leave now. Otherwise, let's get on with the show:

Alley Baggett, Lingerie Model of the Year, was also present, and I managed to snap a few photos of her, so enjoy!

Well, that's my photo album of Dragon Con '98. Thanks for visiting my 1998 Dragon Con page. Hope you had fun.

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