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Pat's 1999 Dragon*Con Photo Album

All photos are copyright 1999 by Patrick Sun. Unauthorized use without written consent is prohibited. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled convention. Please hit the Reload button on your browser to see the most up-to-date links - I do add things as I get them, or I re-organize minor sections, or I add new links to other websites. Thanks for visiting. Hope you have fun and spread the word.

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Dragon*Con is a 4-day sci-fi/fantasy/comic/gaming/video convention held in Atlanta, GA. This year it was held on July 4th weekend at the Apparel Mart/Hyatt/Merchandise Mart, all of which are located downtown and within 2-3 blocks of each other. Last year, it was a pain to have to walk all over creation to get to the panels I wanted to attend, but the convention planners put all the panels in the Hyatt hotel, as well as most of the programming. So kudos must go to the Dragon*Con planners.

The art show was still located in the Merchandise Mart, and I totally forgot to make the trek over there. The Dealers Room and the Walk of Fame were located at the Apparel Mart. I felt this was a better arrangement than last year's, where more walking between buildings took place. This year was nice because I could show up early in the day at the Apparel Mart for a quick perusal of the Dealers room and Walk of Fame, and then spend the rest of the day at the Hyatt where the panels and track programming were held. There was plenty to occupy most of my time for the four days I was there this year. Yet again, since I didn't attend any of the other major comic-related conventions this year, I had to make the most of what Dragon Con had to offer.

Note: In order to make this page fast-loading, I've kept graphics to a minimum, and the photo descriptions will be displayed when you move your mouse pointer on a given photo link (if there is worthy description to be added to the link).

If you want to contact me, feel free. If you'd like me to identify you in any of my photos, I'd be glad to do so.

The Dragon Con home page.

My Dragon Con '98 Photo Album.

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Dealer Room Booths

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Comic Book and Graphic Art Creators
Let's take a look at who caught my eye:

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Costumed Attendees of Dragon*Con '99
This is in no way indicative of the countless costumed attendees, but it should give you a taste...:

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Celebrity Panels
Every year, there are lots of panels with celebrities from the genres of TV/film/sci-fi/fantasy/comics and this year was no exception. Here's a few photos from the panels I tried to attend (I hate it when they schedule 2 or more panels that I want to see against each other...Argh!):

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Babylon 5 Cast Members
Once again they descend on Dragon*Con like the Drahk Plague.

The Babylon 5 Panel on Sunday Morning - always a lot of fun - see for yourself:

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TV and Movie Celebrities
You'll recognize most of these fine actors and actresses who appeared in your favorite TV shows and Movies:

Batman TV Show:

Battlestar Galactica TV Show:

Star Wars:

Potpouri of TV and film stars:

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Apollo Smile
The live-action Anime girl - shakes her groove thing Friday night.

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Lovely Models and Actresses
Now what's a sci-fi/fantasy/comics convention without a few lovely models and B-movie actresses? If you're offended by this sort of thing (strictly PG-13) you can leave now. Otherwise, let's get on with the show:

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Dawn Look-alike Contest
Dawn: I missed just one contestant due to running out of film, but Maggie H. came to the rescue! Due to a "no flash photography" request by the convention, most of the photos were shot in low lighting, thus they aren't the best shots you'll see, but at least you'll get an idea of the contest.

The preliminaries: Peter Jurasik was the Masters of Ceremony for the evening.
He gave the crowd 3 cheers, and this was his best cheer: Umm Umm Umm! Put that in my mouth!

Two of the judges for the contest:

Now on with the contestants:

That's the end of the Dawn Contestants.

The Dawn Review: Here's my pick. Somehow "Leave-little-to-the-imagination Dawn" slinked backstage via her hands and knees, here's the proof! Oh, and here's Master of ceremony, Peter Jurasik, hot on her tail!

After careful deliberation by the judges, the winners were announced:

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Masquerade Contest
I missed just one or two contestants due to running out of film - Sorry! Due to a "no flash photography" request by the convention, most of the photos were shot in low lighting, thus they aren't the best shots you'll see (some shots had the flash slipped in, and you can see what a difference flash would have made), but at least you'll get an idea of the fun time that was had by all.

Here's a few shots of the anxious crowd: I spotted Sandman in the crowd! There's the video cameraman on the left

The preliminaries: Peter David and George were the Masters of Ceremony for the evening.
They began with their own skit, they dressed up in Jedi robes and took on the evil Darth Maul. As fate would have it, Shannon Lower(in green) thought Maul was a sexier choice:

Die! Darth Maul! Don't make us double-team you, Maul! Hmmpth! You Jedi are far too wreckless! Maul me, baby, Maul me!

Here are Peter David and George Perez: Please be charitable to our contestants, it takes guts to come out here.

The beginning of the contest featured the kid's division:

And the Winner is: This kid almost beheaded George Perez...

Now on with the contestants. As the night wore on, the battle cry for the evening was: "What the hell was that???"

That's the end of the Masquerade Contestant presentation.

There was a "brief" intermission that turned into half an hour, so we were treated with the Netherworld cast of characters, and if that wasn't frightening enough, Danger Woman shows up and scares the Netherworld characters off the stage. I swear I saw sheer panic in the eyes of the Netherworlders. Next Julie Caitlin Brown sang 3-4 country/western tunes very well, reminds of the Indigo Girls' voices. And Maggie Egan sang some Frank Sinatra-like tunes that got the crowd tapping their toes.

The following contestants all won awards in their respective categories. I have no ideas what the categories were, but suffice it to say, they won, and thus they get their photos displayed below:

After the contest, many of the winners were paraded around the outside of the ballroom:

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Well, that's my photo album of Dragon*Con '99. Thanks for visiting. Hope you had fun.

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