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The Fine Print

Hi, thanks for checking out my home page.

Comics are 1st printings in NM condition, unless otherwise indicated. Prices are per issue, unless a price for a set is listed. Don't like the stated price? Feel free to haggle.

Payment: MONEY ORDERS speeds things up. Personal checks are OK if they won't exhibit rubbery properties upon deposit. :) Please allow up to 2 weeks for checks to clear. Orders paid by money orders are shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of payment (usually turnaround is within 24 hours).

Minimum order: $5 before shipping.

Don't hesitate to combine comics from all the lists to meet $5 minimum.

At this time, I will not handle overseas orders, unless the amount for the order is over $100 and all shipping/insurance costs are paid by the buyer.

I will not do COD orders either. Too many instances of buyers refusing shipment, and that means I'm out the cost of shipping, return shipping and COD charges. Sorry, that's my policy. I run a tight ship when it comes to orders done in the conventional way, and I feel that's how I'll continue to do my business. I stand by my long-standing net.rep as being reliable and honest in my net.dealings. I will continue to uphold and maintain that net.rep.

Check out my list of past customers.

Have I lost you yet? No? Good, let's continue on...


Comics shipping costs:
1st class/2-day priority rate

Book rate (takes up to 14 days depending on your proximity to me)
Shipping is done on a case-by-case basis, and if you order a lot, I can be talked into eating a good portion of the shipping :)

Comics are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes. Please check out my packing tips if you're worried about my packing/shipping prowess.

If you want insurance:



Shipping for boxes and individual cards are included in the price listed next to them.

Shipping for card sets: $3 for the 1st 2 sets, and $1/additional set.

Insurance is the same as it is for comics, see above.

I've shipped many card boxes, sets, and individual cards. I am very experienced in shipping cards. I use sturdy cardboard boxes to ship boxes and sets. I also use sturdy plastic top-loaders for chase cards, and mainly 300-count white cardboard boxes to ship 1-100 cards.


Here's my address:

Please include your snail-mail and email addresses in your letter so I can let you know when I send out the stuff. Also list what I'm supposed to send to you.

Email me to confirm.



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