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Note: I have since decided on a steel wire rack solution, but I've kept this page up just in case it gives others some ideas for their flexy-rack designs.

Hi, thanks for checking out my home theater (in progress) page. Yes, I have a terrible room to enjoy home theater, but I'm making the best out of it. As you can see, I have very little flexibility where anything goes and still maintain some semblence of 5.1 audio in this living room of mine. And yes, I can stash my subwoofer in the closet of I need to do so in a pinch. :) Assume my couch is just 7-8 feet away from the RPTV, with rear speakers just behind the couch. The couch is almost against the wall for the kitchen,so I can't place the speakers any further distance away for the time being. You'd think this setup would sound bad, but it's okay, and the rear speakers act like bass shakers inside the couch on ocassion. Heh.

I'm in the midst of deciding how to make a large flexi-rack to house my home theater components and solve a problems for me: Center channel speaker placement. I hate that my center channel speaker is on top of all my Home theater components - it's just too darn high!

Here's a photo of my current home theater setup:

So my plan is to construct a flexi-rack that would allow me to place the center channel speaker on top of the TV, and then have the home theater components be placed on the Flexi-rack. Here are my initial drawings on what I think the final project will look like.

Option 1 (this was my original design):

Option 2 (this is my latest design, and I'm leaning toward it for aesthetic reasons, plus it only requires 2 more pieces of 28"x2" MDF):

The Parts list (partially swiped from Joseph Howard's list):
As much as I'd like to add one more shelf to lessen the load on the shelf with 4 components on it, the 72" rods are my limitation on height. The only way to increase the height would be to use some 2x4's and stack 2 of them on both sides of the RPTV, drill through only the top 2x4 so the flexi-rack is elevated another 1.5" which might make it possible to slide in another shelf.

I'll most likely cut out a wide opening toward the back of the top cover/shelf to allow for better ventilation for the receiver. If I don't need the lower-bottom-back 2" wide bracing strip, I can reduce the depth of the flexi-shelves from 28" to 18"-20". Either way, I should be able to make the rack from one piece of 48"x96" MDF (3/4"). I plan on using the full 72" of the 5/8" threaded rods (maybe 3/4" rods if that would provide more stability - I've now seen both 5/8" and 3/4" rods, and I am definitely leaning toward the 3/4" rods).

While I finally got my hands on a large 48"x96" piece of MDF, this rack will be a heavy duty rack, I really would like to minimize the sag in the middle of the 44" runs of shelves. Any insight is appreciated. If someone can let me know if I'll be okay using 3/4" MDF for a shelf width of 44" (instead of 1" MDF), and 5/8" threaded rods (instead of 3/4" rods) please email me here!

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