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Home Theater Equipment

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Home Theater equipment page. This is a never-ending upgrade quest. Once I get into a new house, I'll really get serious about creating a nice HT setup. Now, I'm doing the best I can. Here's what I've done to spruce up my present Home Theater Setup.

Home Theater Equipment

Video and audio were calibrated using the Avia Guide to Home Theater DVD - highly recommended. Now without further ado, here's my home theater equipment:

Zenith 4660 46" RPTV

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! :)

Screen Shot 1 Screen Shot 2
(Forgive the crappy camera work.)

(TV is 3.5 years old, next time,
I'll get a Toshiba or Mitsubishi)

2 Composite A/V inputs
1 S-video A/V input
2 CATV/VCR A/V inputs
1 Composite A/V output

A/V Receiver:
Sony STR-DB930

Click for larger view

Specs Pg 1 (189K) Specs Pg 2 (168K)
Front Drawing Rear Drawing
My Review on HTF
Sony STR-DB930 Reviews
(I penned the 10-3-99 review.)

110W/ch (2 & 5 channels 20-20KHz)
DD/dts/PCM decoder
5 S-video A/V inputs
3 Analog/1 phono inputs
5.1 inputs and outputs
3 TOSLink/1 Coax digital input
1 TOSLink digital output

Harman Kardon PA5800

Click for larger view

HK PA5800 Reviews
(I penned the 2-23-00 review.)

5-channel amp
80W/ch @8 Ohm, 110W/ch @4 Ohms
THD 0.03% all channels driven 20-20KHz
High current capacity: 73A

DVD Player:
Proscan PS8680Z

Proscan Reviews
(I penned the
7-25-99 review.)

Great downconversion
Great layer changes
DD/dts TOSLink output

LD/DVD Player:
Pioneer DVL-909

Click here for larger view

Pioneer specs

AC-3 RF output
Digital audio optical output
LD/DVD playback

AC-3 RF Demodulator:
Yamaha APD-1


Yamaha specs

AC-3 RF outputs:
Digital audio optical output
Digital audio coaxial output
All metal contruction


Philips Magnavox VR462

Panasonic PV-4569

Front speakers:
Sun1's DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Click for larger view Click for larger view

My DIY Speaker Page

Leach 3-Way Speakers Plans

Frequency response: 40-20KHz?
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 88 dB?
Power handling: 100W+? RMS

Center speaker:
Infinity CC2

CC2 Reviews
(I penned the 1-15-99 review.)

Frequency response: 90-20KHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Power handling: 100W RMS

Rear speakers:
Infinity RS1

RS1 Reviews
(I penned the 12-23-99 review.)

Frequency response: 55-20KHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Power handling: 100W RMS

DIY 12" Shiva

Click for larger view

Sub photos and details

Frequency response: 25-200Hz
Power handling: 600W Max
12" Woofer with 4" diameter tuned port

Created by Dan Marx


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home theater for October 1999!

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