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I think, therefore I consume aspirin.

Some people dream in color, I think I've dreamt in stereo.

I am owned by 2 cats, one whose nickname is Alcatraz since he's always trying to get out,
though I usually call him Boo-Boo...but don't call me Yogi! The other is named Fred.

Can someone explain to me why we get the worst candidates running for president?

I wonder, therefore I daydream.

I hate it when it rains, my cape gets soaked and it's no fun.

I snore loudly, therefore I pity my future spouse.

I bought a house in the middle of July, 1996. Surprise, it's still standing.

I wrecked my car, not my fault, in October, 1996.

I bought a new car in October, 1996.

So how many have visited since 1-3-99?

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