DIY Shiva Subwoofer

This is a Do-It-Yourself Subwoofer based on the 12" Shiva driver from Avatar Audio that I bought from someone through the Home Theater Forum. I simply don't have the tools available to me to make my own DIY subwoofers, but I plan to get a workshop going one of these days. Currently this subwoofer is powered by 1 channel (90W/ch into an 8 ohm load) from my Harman Kardon PA5800 5-channel amp. The original builder of this subwoofer is Dan Marx. He was nice enough to put together a webpage on this particular subwoofer that he designed and built. He's been nice enough to suggest some minor additions to smooth out the port response which I will implement soon. Check out this link for more information on this subwoofer design. Feel free to peruse his website for more information on speakers and subwoofers.

Here's a shot of the box enclosure w/out 12" Shiva driver installed.

Here's a shot of the 5-Way Binding Posts in back on the box.

Here's a shot of the box enclosure with a 12" Shiva driver installed. Notice
the nifty flared port integrated into the front of the subwoofer enclosure.

Here's a shot of the subwoofer with the grill cover on. Sorry about all the
fingerprints - they come off easily enough.

Here are some photos of the port lengthening project I took on to
tune the box a little bit lower, to around 20Hz. To add length to
the port, I had to saw off 4 inches of the 11.5 inch port, and then
add two 90 degree 4 inch PVC elbows. To cut off the original port, I
had to also cut out a piece of the bracing, which is visible.

Here's a shot of adding the initial elbow to the sawed off port:

Here's a shot of the second elbow added to the 1st elbow (This tunes
the box to 20Hz by lenghtening the port to about 24 inches long:

For experiment's sake, here's a shot of a straight piece of PVC added
to the 2nd elbow (This tunes the box to 16-17Hz by lenghtening the
port to about 30 inches long:

Here's a shot of the final port lengthening, and the replacement of
the internal bracing for the box:

Here's a shot of my 2 cats on top of the subwoofer:

Here's a final shot of the subwoofer:

Thanks for checking out my Shiva subwoofer page.

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