Patman's 2001 Las Vegas Photo Album

Patman's 2001 Las Vegas Photo Album.

This is a quick-and-dirty photo album of photos I took while I was in Las Vegas around July 4, 2001. There's nothing too exciting about the photos, but the place has definitely changed since I was there in 1997. If you've never been, these photos will give you an idea of what to expect. It was blazing hot that day, and I was sweating up a storm. Be sure to wear comfortable clothe and SHOES. I managed to get a nasty blister on my right foot wearing not-so-broken-in tennis shoes.

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Some shots of the Paris hotel/casino. This is where I stayed with some friends.

Some shots of the Aladdin's interior:

More outside shots on the strip.

Ever been to the M&M store?

Going towards New York, New York.

Monte Carlo and the tram trip to the Bellagio.

Finally arrive at the Bellagio.

On the way to Caesar's Palace.

Now down the strip and towards the Mirage.

The Venetian.

Going to the Treasure Island swashbuckling pirate show.

Inside Treasure Island.

A tiger on display.

On the way back to Caesar's Palace.

Las Vegas at night (some shots are blurry because it was night and I was moving/walking as I took the shots).

Shots of Las Vegas from my hotel room 30 floors up.

Shots from the Paris hotel pool deck.

Well, that's all the photos I saw fit to include in my Las Vegas 2001 photo album. Hope you enjoyed looking through them. And if you've never been to Las Vegas, maybe these pix will spur you on to make the trip.

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