SATURDAY NET is an information resource designed to both provide a record of Saturday Night Live's on-air material and help people who are interested in locating something from an episode. Since June 1994, I've compiled and posted schedules of upcoming SNL reruns; that info is supplemented by the SNL Episode Guide.

I began construction of the Guide in March 1994, creating its original core in 18 months by tracking Comedy Central's chronological broadcasts of 60-minute versions of the episodes. Over the next few years, I gradually fleshed out the episode summaries.

Initially I was the sole author of the Guide, but that policy was hurting its growth and utility, so in summer 1999 I invited Ben Douwsma to be my co-author. He contributed about half of the segment descriptions for seasons 1-5 and about a third of the segment descriptions for seasons 6-19. Kudos are also due to Pat Durkin, Raj Kaup, and Rick Langston for their show notes, which were very useful in putting the summaries together. In addition, thanks go to Lyle Goldman for volunteering to spell check the Guide.

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