Joe Strummer of the Clash
at Armadillo World Headquarters
photo by Jack Minor 



"It's not people just saying, 'You'll disappoint your fans if you don't go on....the show must go on;  you must go on, otherwise all those people will be so upset.'

  It's, 'You've gottago on, man!  Otherwise, all those kids, they'll be finished!  They'll have nothing to live for!' That's rock and roll."

                        - Pete Townshend

I have been thinking about my big brother Jack a lot lately.  He gave me the Who compilation LP Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy when I was a freshman in high school, and soon after that my original pop music career kicked off with a big mod bang.   I watched a battered VHS copy of The Kids are Alright over and over for many years.   I just screened the new DVD and it's real fun to see and hear it in all its restored majesty.  It's worth the price just to watch Pete's glorious powerslide across the stage at the end of "Won't Get Fooled Again" from 6 different angles.   You can also listen to the Ox rage on through an isolated bass track.

The first draft of the soundtrack compilation CD to Jack's rock and roll slideshow is ready for viewing.   It features the Ramones, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton,  Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Ian Hunter,  Mick Ronson, Bruce Springsteen, Rockpile, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, the Clash and more.   I have plans to start showing it soon in various lengths and formats at public occasions where money is being raised for various causes.    I have had some test screenings for a few friends and gotten some feedback about the length.  It might seem kind of long for people expecting an MTV pace.  I think it is best enjoyed as a background diversion, with plenty of time to savor the details, or just take notice at your leisure.  It would be great over dinner.   I also think it goes nicely with conversation and refreshments.

The slideshow will be on view at my house through the holidays, starting this Tuesday night at 8 pm on the 7th anniversary of his passing.
I wrote this obituary and an online tribute back in 96.

Speaking of deaths in the family, my dear Aunt Gloria Denson and my beloved Grandmother Martha Wimberly both died earlier this month.  I drove to Louisiana to help carry their caskets in two separate funerals on successive weekends.  It was kind of surreal to be in the same funeral home and the same cemetery within a week's time.   It was good occasion to reacquaint with relatives and remember how special these truly regal matriarchal southern ladies were to our family.    Grandmother had an amazing life that started with a canoe trip down the Mississippi as a teenager to escape the great flood of 1910, and included 40 years as a US postmaster, 45 years as church pianist, and 70 years as a widowed single mother of two.  It ended quietly in a nursing home in South Austin last week.  The staff there had all grown quite attached and she addressed them all as "dahling" until her final days.  I got to say goodbye to her the evening before and pray for her peaceful passing to her great reward.

In between these family trips, I began a new job as production manager for the Alligator Grill on South Lamar.   The first week began explosively to say the least.  Every night went great except for one which was a hell of a learning experience.  I won't let any band's soundman reset all my careful monitor EQ settings ever again.  I have never seen a band so upset.  Some of my equipment was damaged but I stayed calm and professional throughout their destructive tantrum.   On a sweeter note, I provided sound for Jim Lauderdale again at Sangerhalle's Fall Ball this weekend.  That guy can sing like nobody's business and he is a true gentleman.

Alterego played a fun and fancy wedding at the state-of-the-art One World Theatre earlier this month.  Stand-in trombonist Jon Blondell stole the show.  After a tense introduction, I made friends with soundman extraordinaire Pat Guillory and ended up hiring him to help me at the Alligator.   His board tape of the reception performance sounds awesome and I will be posting some MP3 samples on the Alterego site.

Superego's latest album Low Overhead is now available to order or download from




OK, I finally did it.  For the last few years, I have been compiling a book of lyrics and chords to all the songs in my reportoire, with the intention of eventually sharing the fruits of my labor online.  Check it out, play along with some of your favorites and feel free to point out any changes you would suggest.   This is the result of countless hours of picking out the chords from definitive versions, but everything is open to interpretation.

Subject: alter alter ego
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 01:57:29 -0700
Organization: minor productions

Thanks for the return call tonight regarding the other Alterego.   I am
not too concerned about it honestly.  It did cause another agent a bit
of confusion today, so I thought I had better look into it, but you
confirmed my suspicions that it was the San Antonio Alter Ego.

In light of the fact that they are mostly in a different market and they
spell the name as two words, I think I will just leave well enough alone
for now and we can just try to stay out of each other's way.

I appreciate the contact information and will keep it on file in case it
gets any more complicated, otherwise I am going to let it slide.   FYI,
we do have a dba registered with the state and we're listed in the Texas
Music Office directory, for whatever that's worth.

At some point I might suggest that they amend their name when they
perform in the Austin area to something like "Alter Ego S.A." or
something just to clarify.  I am fine with them having the name also,
it's not the most original moniker in the world.   I don't feel territorial about it,
I just don't want any clients getting confused, it's bad for business for both of us.

take it easy,

Baja Fresh
100 Moody Court, 2nd Floor
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-9957

I want to thank you on behalf of Austin's art and music
community for preserving the Daniel Johnston frog mural.
This gesture of local cultural awareness is what earned
you my business.  The tacos are good also.


Paul Minor

Subject: Roadie
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:36:19 -0500 (CDT)


I just watched the movie "Roadie" and noticed your screenwriter credit.
I like the movie and I was wondering which came first, the Cheap Trick song
or the line "Everything Works if You Let it."

It's a great song and a truly Zen-spired theme.   The other day I was
talking to a fella named "Roadie" at the Hole in the Wall and he actually
used this phrase in passing as we were discussing some wiring issues.

June is the 30th Anniversary of the Hole, so something must be working.

Take it easy,    Paul

Subject: Roadie
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:36:19 -0500 (CDT)

Glad you liked the movie, and I believe our line came first.
Say hello to the Hole.  30?  Wow.

- Michael Ventura

Subject:   street sounds item
Date:  Mon, 19 Jan 2004 21:18:03 -0800
From: paul minor <>
Organization: minor productions
To: joe gross <>,
       corcoran <>


It's shaping up to be an incredible year for Minor Productions.  I am
providing the sound system and mixing the bands at the Alligator Grill,
which is getting an awesome response from the audiences and the artists
such as the Gourds, Dale Watson, Jane Bond, and Toni Price, who have all
played to capacity crowds in South Austin's newest 300 plus room.

Minor Productions was also just hired to oversee the live music
production and talent booking for Hole in the Wall.  I have promoted
shows there informally for over a decade, but I am thrilled to be asked
to come on board officially and help keep the tradition of quality live
music at the Hole alive and well.

A self-produced video I made with director Adam Bork was nominated for
the best singer-songwriter category in last week's AMN Video Music
Awards.  The award went to another of Adam's videos, a song by Kevin

Minor Productions produced a weekly series of live in-store events last
year for the recently closed down Jupiter Records, including live
recordings of the limited edition CDs "Fastball - Live From Jupiter
Records" and the Bob Dylan tribute "Second Time Around."  These
recordings and many others will be available on in
coming weeks and look for Minor Productions to be involved in many more
live music events presented by the Jupiter Brothers.

As Outreach and Events Coordinator for SIMS Foundation, I have begun
promoting a new business partnership and individual supporter program
called "I'm With The Band."  It is greatly rewarding to be involved at
such a hands-on level with my peers in the population served by this
inspired organization, which is enjoying a revitalized spirit under new
executive director Mary Louise Lopez.

I look forward to continuing my work as a musician's advocate, event
producer, and professional performer.    Austin music really depends on
the cooperative efforts of the grassroots music community and I am
honored that these institutions and individuals have turned to me to
handle these responsibilities and provide these services.

Whether I'm mixing sound, booking bands, promoting non-profit
fundraisers, or leading the group at a wedding, I am always glad to be
part of the band.

Check out the event calendar at, the SIMS website
at,  and submit materials for booking to Hole in the
Wall.   My e-mail is



Subject:  The Rutles
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 19:47:23 -0800
From: paul minor <>
Organization: minor productions

Dear Dirk,

Thank you for your interest in playing the Hole in the Wall.   Due to
the club's longstanding live music tradition, we get dozens of
submissions from talented and ambitious bands every week. Unfortunately,
there are actually very few spots to go around.  We have music five
nights a week, and most shows are only one or two acts per night.  At
this time, we are filling weekend shows with the highest drawing bands
we can get for no cover, and we have several established regular draws
filling most weeknights.  Sunday nights are the best chance for us to
break in new bands.

Although I cannot offer the Rutles a show at this time,  I like the
name.  Please come out whenever you can to support the shows that are on the calendar,  and
keep us posted on your progress.  A personal connection with the club is
the best way to get a foot in the Hole.

take it easy,


Subject: My new calendar!
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 12:17:08 -0800 (PST)

Ok, so I finally did it. If anyone wants to know where i might be on any given night, whether it is
to book a show, or to actually come hear some great music, you can go check it out from your
computer. Updated daily. Check the link @ the bottom of this page.
Thanks for your patience...

"Where & When is Kevin playing this month?"
Go to

Subject:  applause
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 14:16:18 -0800
From:  paul minor <>
Organization: minor productions

Hey rockers,

I am a 37 year old musician in Austin, Texas who has been performing in
clubs since I was 16.  I read the New York Times article today online
and then linked to your website.   I just want to write and say how much
I applaud and support what you are doing to keep the spirit of rock
music alive for future generations.

I also would like to mention that I really enjoyed the Jack Black movie
a lot.  While I think it is great that you guys are copping a defiant
punk rock stance against the commercialization of your cause, I know
that the publicity surrounding this movie can be a positive thing for
your school and for music.   I am sure that imitations of the school in
the movie will be popping up everywhere, and since your school is
already established (as are dozens nationwide, including Austin) you are
in the perfect position to benefit from the stimulation in interest.  I am just
saying it's a good thing,

I am sure that Linklater's production company here in Austin could be
helpful in facilitating you getting your documentary to a wider market
if you approached them amicably.   I know that Jack Black and Rick
Linklater really believe in rock music and would love to help your
efforts.   Their movie is a huge success, they are also wealthy and
showbiz savvy and they could easily sponsor you and others like you.

Again, for you and your students preparing to rock, I salute you.   I
hope your students are also working on some other essential masters of
the craft:  The Clash, The Kinks, the Ramones, Velvet Underground, Neil
Young & Crazy Horse, and Elvis Costello.

Rock On.

Subject:   gigs
Date:     Mon, 22 Sep 2003 12:25:33 -0700

Paul Minor,

I wanted to find out more about Minor Productions.  I am a musician with a
recent solo album, and a newly formed 4 piece rock band that needs some
help with booking and promotions.  Do you work with little fish?  Could you
help me line up some shows?  The problems I have involve lacking contacts and
desire to chase booking managers around for shows.


Dewey Howe

Subject: fishin' musician
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 17:25:33 -0700
Organization: minor productions


Thanks for writing.   The main thing I could offer you is a spot on a Sunday
night at the Hole in the Wall, and some recommendations for various small,
under the radar clubs that need some good talent, such as the Parlor on North
Loop, Big Dave's Saloon on 620, the Boathouse on 620, Trophy's on S.
Congress,  Green Muse on Oltorf, etc.

These are all really cool little bars that make good settings for music and
they need decent bands to bring in some business.  That's the bottom line,
regardless of how great your tunes are.

I hope your lack of desire for chasing talent bookers is not a reflection on
your enthusiasm for promoting your gigs through various grassroots media
efforts like e-mail, postcards and flyers.  You need to try to pack the
house, even if it takes some time to build.

I only provide promotional services informally, for artists I am really wild
about, and even then I think no-one can promote an artist as well as they can
do it themselves.  I occasionally include my friend's gigs on my e-mail
newsletters and website, but my main business is live sound production and
performing standards at formal functions.

Best of luck to you, and please keep me on your mailing list for gigs.



photo by Matt Eskey

Subject:  marfa gig
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 03:43:01 -0800
From: paul minor <>
Organization: minor productions


Good to run into you in the hard rock john last weekend.  I talked to my
friends in lil cap'n travis and they are psyched about coming to play in
marfa.  They have been conceiving a west texas tour that also includes
el paso and alpine.  We also have a friend named adam who has an amazing
psychadelic guitar and vocal act with his trippy photography
projections.  he is working at the san jose also.  he will be on board
for this.   let's do it.  i think we will film the whole thing for a
documentary.   when is a good date to shoot for?

p.s. Say aloha to jackie pepper for me.

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