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"The Rock & Roll Free for All, a longtime Monday-morning bane during the Nineties, has returned Sundays at the Hole in the Wall. Paul Minor and the Superego All-Stars take on house-band chores once again for a revolving cast of bands (Tiny Adventurers, Breathers, Sheboygan this Sunday) and musicians (Miles Zuniga, Matt Hubbard) that more often than not climaxes with a spirited version of Willie Nelson's "Whiskey River." Or it might be the late Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights," which Minor says hit home after he saw Fender sing it from the Hole stage at a Texas Tornadoes SXSW day party. "From that moment it became the Hole in the Wall national anthem for me. It's immortal." 7pm Tuesday on Time Warner Channel 12, Minor's "Made to Be Broken" will be the latest bit of Austin music heard on popular CW private-eye serial Veronica Mars."  - Chris Gray


Wow.  I have now seen the Stones.  I can honestly say after witnessing this grand spectacle that I have never seen a real concert before.  They truly know how to put on a show.  They even know the value of spontanaiety, pulling out under-rehearsed local surprises in the middle of their finely choreographed pageantry.

You Got Me Rockingstones in austin
Let's Spend The Night Together
She's So Cold
Oh No Not You Again
Bob Wills is Still the King
Streets Of Love
Ain’t too Proud to Beg
Tumbling Dice
Learning the Game (Keith)
Little T&A (Keith)
Under My Thumb
Get Off Of My Cloud
Start Me Up
Honky Tonk Women
Sympathy For The Devil
Jumping Jack Flash
Brown Sugar

The concert grossed over 4 million dollars and brought in millions more to the local economy, enough of a profit that the Stones kicked the city back a few hundred thousand for the inconvenience.   As the bombastic fireworks display exploded over the colossal stage set against the Austin skyline,  Mick the accountant-turned-rocker had one final dry British quip as he left the stage:

"No expense spared..."



I'm just reading the New York Times articles on the demise of CBGB and thought I would share a photo of my first band The Urge performing there in 1986.   Visibly thrilled to be on the same stage as the Ramones, Blondie, the Police and the Replacements are L-R:  guitarist Paul Minor, singer Brian Sokoff, drummer Mike Kopp (with whom I share a birthday and birth year), and bassist David Fairchild. 

Here's another picture of us at the top of another great casualty of the modern age on the same East Coast trip, the first ever tour for all of us, which also included stops in Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Athens, Raleigh, Blacksburg VA, Washington DC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Memphis, & Dallas.



I just got back from a trip to Portland.  I had two solo shows and a wedding and I even got a little press in the local daily.

 Click here for the detailed Portland Tour Diary. 

Now that I am returned safely I had loose ends to tie up.  I went and retrieved my new MacBook from UPS and I have been rapelling over the huge learning curve.  I'm breaking it in with some heavy journaling and some feverish I-tunes uploading, since I now have this nifty I-pod that newlywed Kevin generously gave me for a best man gift.   There's still a few compatibility issues, but so far with the help of Chepo it's shaping up to be a bold step into the 21st century.  Right now I am in electronics consumer limbo, trying to get the right accessories to maximize my enjoyment of these new toys.  So far I've purchased a radio shack transmitter for the truck stereo and a new printer/scanner.

This Sunday, Oct. 15 at 10pm, the HOLE IN THE WALL welcomes
the Return of the ROCK & ROLL FREE FOR ALL,
hosted by the SUPEREGO ALL-STARS,
featuring Landis Armstrong, Kevin Pearson, Andrew Duplantis, & Paul Minor,
with a special guest showcase by the TINY ADVENTURERS at 11,
plus a midnight feast of jukebox classics and roadhouse requests.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 10pm - Superego welcomes Tiny Adventurers
Sunday, Oct. 22, 10pm - Superego welcomes Bryce Clifford
Sunday, Oct. 29, 10pm - Superego welcomes The Breathers

Sunday, Nov. 5, 10pm - Superego welcomes Matt Hubbard

First debuting in 1994, the Rock & Roll Free For All was one of Austin's
most popular and unpredictable weekly traditions for nearly a decade.
Emphasizing spontaneous surprises and an anything-goes attitude, it was
deemed "A twisted cross between the Last Waltz and the Gong Show..."

Long Live the Free For All!


I just returned from another great trip to Marfa for the El Cosmico Music festival.   I got to stay in the dome again and hang out with Adam, Conrad and the Cap'n Travis guys.  I provided the PA for the festival and enjoyed some great down time in between shows and even stayed an extra day to recover.  Marfa is a magic place...


I was injured in an accident while working at the Austin Music Hall on Saturday afternoon.  I fell backwards off the side of the 4 foot high stage flat onto the concrete floor while loading in sound equipment.  The work lights directly above were not turned on and I could not see where the stage ended. It was my first trip up the ramp with a dolly and there is a sneaky drop off a couple feet to the right of the top of the ramp.  There was a 2X4 at the edge of the stage that tripped my feet.   The amp rack fell right on top of me but I had my arms up and it missed my head.

I was dazed for awhile, but I was able to function at the job with the aid of ice packs and ibuprofen, and there was a great crew of loaders and volunteers from the event who carried all my gear, and I managed through the night.  There was a very complicated program of speakers and videos before the band and they were counting on me to keep the sound consistent.

I was laid up all day Sunday, too stiff to walk. After 3 visit sto the chiropractor this week, I can get around ok but bending and lifting are difficult.   So far it looks like it's nothing a few chiropractic visits and some time won't heal, but I am very concerned about lingering debilitating symptoms as you can imagine.  I also lost a day of work at my part-time delivery job this week.  My doctor insisted I get X-rays, and the results will be in after labor day.

I am self-employed and my health insurance has a very high deductible.   I think that this injury could easily cost me as much as I made at the job, which would be quite unfair.  There is an insurance claim form coming in the mail from the client next week, so I am encouraged that there might be some compensation available.

In lighter news, I was hired to provide PA for a festival in Marfa, TX on the weekend of Sept 22 with Li'l Cap'n Travis, Ethan Azarian, Adam Bork, Chili Cold Blood and many other cool bands.  I am really looking forward to this weekend and I was more than happy to cancel the birthday party I was planning, because so many of my friends will be there.

I resigned from booking the Hole in the Wall  recently.  I will still be promoting selected shows there a couple of times a month, but the day to day pressure of acting as middleman for the weeknight bands and the club was adding to the stress issues  I have been trying to deal with lately.   Once I realized how much I would miss bringing in my friends' bands for the bigger shows, I arranged to be an independent promoter.   So now I don't have to mess with the thankless Tuesday nights but I can still enjoy making a big Pong or Weary Boys show happen.

You guys should come out for the Sex Pistols Experience tribute band from the UK at the
Hole on Wed. the 13.  Their posters and website look like they are going to be quite authentic,
and we've got some local teenage Ramones opening.

I am actively working on my health, trying to address some major anxiety symptoms.   I'm on
some prescriptions for panic attacks, and I'm doing yoga and taking walks, changing my diet,
going to counseling, etc. and it's going pretty well, with an occasional relapse.

Rock & Roll is a Topsy-Turvy World.

Check out my recent interview with the Miami Herald.


My new album Shadow Figure was released locally Friday, June 16.   It's an acoustic ensemble album, meaning a band arrangement with no electric guitars.  Conrad Choucron played drums, Matt Hubbard played piano, Jeff Johnston played bass and musical saw, Gary Newcomb played dobro and Elana James played fiddle.   There will be a national CD release show at Continental on Saturday, July 28 with the full studio band.

I uploaded some audio samples here.

Shadow Figure is now available for online purchase from Texas Music Roundup
and a limited edition handprinted edition is available at ieatrecords.com.

Andy Langer interviews Paul Minor for News 8 Backstage Pass 7/28/06

Austin Chronicle 6/22/06-
Shadow Figure Review by Greg Beets

Daily Texan  6/12/06 -
"Multi-tasking Musician Releases New Acoustic Album"

Austin American Statesman 6/19/06 -
"Songwriter Paul Minor has Major Talent"

The CD Release Events Schedule so far:

Friday, June 16, 8pm - Hole in the Wall Anniversary party with Honky and Chili Cold Blood

Monday, June 19, 2pm - Live performance on KUT 90.5 FM - Click here for the Archived Audio

Monday, June 19 - Cactus Cafe with Nashville Skyline tribute band

Saturday, July 1 - Live performance on Rawtime Cable Ch. 10 Click Here for Video

Friday, July 7, 9am - Live on KGSR 107.1 Click Here for archived audio

Friday, July 7, 5pm -  In-store performance at Waterloo Records

Friday, July 7 - News 8 Austin Rooftop performance Click Here for archived video

Friday, July 7, 9pm - Hole in the Wall with Brothers and Sisters

Wednesday, July 26, 7:30am - Paul on Fox 7 TV (canceled)

Thursday, July 27, hourly at 50 minutes after, interview on News 8 Backstage Pass

Friday, July 28, 8am - Paul on KLBJ 94.7 with Dudley and Bob
Friday, July 28, 6pm - Interview on ME Television Ch. 15
Friday, July 28, 10pm - Continental Club with Li'l Cap'n Travis and Mario Matteoli

Saturday, August 5 - Paul at Ruta Maya with Summer Wardrobe & Chili Cold Blood

Tuesday, August 22, 6pm - Solo show at Jovita's

Tuesday, August 29, 6pm - Solo show at Jovita's

Friday, Sept 1, 6pm - Solo show at Jovita's

Sunday, Sept. 3 - Solo on KVRX 91.7 Local Live 10pm Click here for audio archive

Wednesday, Sept. 6 - Hole in the Wall-
Roger Wallace (8:00)  Paul Minor (9:30) Mario Matteoli (10:30) Nashville Skyline (11:30)


I saw two great Dylan concerts this weekend in San Antonio and Dallas.  Bob and his band were awesome, his voice was in excellent form, especially on ballads like "Boots of Spanish Leather" and "Don't think twice It's all right" the sound was incredible at both venues, I could understand every word he sang.   Here's the setlists.

Merle Haggard and the Strangers opened both Dylan shows and were as pro as it gets.  His 9 piece dancehall band added 4 decades worth of sublime chops to his gorgeous vocals.

Last night I stayed up very late picking tunes with some folks at a party at Mario Matteoli''s house and listening to his excellent new solo album which was also recorded with Matt Hubbard,  to be released the same weekend.

Darin and the gang will be performing an encore presentation of the Bangladesh tribute on August 1 at Threadgill's World Headquarters.  It's the 35th Anniversary of the original concert.  I just saw Leon Russell performing there last week, and I asked him after the show if he's seen the DVD.  He told me "I'm afraid to watch it."  I told him he should because he steals the show...

3/22/06 -

South by Southwest was as intense as it gets.  I had PA systems running at Jo's Coffee, Big Red Sun, Scholz Beer Garten and some equipment with a subcontractor at the Blind Pig.   The best sets I got to mix were by Ian McGlagan, the Derailers, the Weary Boys,  Gary Primich, Charlie Robison and the KTEL Hit Machine.  The threatening weather added an edge to the proceedings with some ominous setups and wet loadouts, but all the shows happened without any major hitches.

On Sunday night when most people were hibernating, we put on the best show I've ever been a part of, hands down.  Darin Murphy and some of Austin's most pro sidemen recreated the Bangladesh concert note for note at the Hole in the Wall.  It was truly awesome.

Eastern Music intro:  Oliver Rajamani & Kevin Pearson
Darin Murphy - guitar/vocals, Cory Glaeser - bass, Kevin Pearson - drums,  Stewart Cochran - organ, Matt Hubbard - piano, Mac McNabb - lead guitar, Paul English - lead guitar, Amy Bobruk , Trish Murphy, Ben Hotchkiss, Nakia:  backing vocals.
My Sweet Lord:  Guy Fantasy + band
Awaiting On You All:  Guy Fantasy + band
That's the Way God Planned It:  Nakia + band
It Don't Come Easy:  Ben Hotchkiss + band
Beware of Darkness:  Spencer Gibb + band
While My Guitar Gently Weeps:  Spencer Gibb + band
Jumpin' Jack Flash/Youngblood:  Matt Hubbard + band
Here Comes The Sun:  Darin and Trish Murphy + band
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall:
Mario Matteoli - acoustic and vocals, Paul Minor - bass, Darin - guitar, Kevin Pearson - tambourine
Blowin' in the Wind:  Mario Matteoli + acoustic band
It Takes A Lot To Laugh: Beaver Nelson + acoustic band
Mr. Tambourine Man:  Beaver Nelson+ acoustic band and Trish
Love Minus Zero: Michael Fracasso+ acoustic band
Just Like A Woman: Michael Fracasso+ acoustic band
If Not For You: Paul Minor and Mario Matteoli + Kevin
Something: Darin + band
Isn't It a Pity: Darin, Spencer + band
Bangladesh: Darin + band
What Is Life: Darin + band

2/13/06 -

You can't put your arms around a memory ... don't try - Johnny Thunders

Here's what's happening.  Laciepalooza was a great success and we raised over $3300 toward her medical expenses.  It was an awesome night and everyone had a great, relaxed time, and a ton of great people stepped up to make it an inspired and uplifting evening.   The reserved tables were sold out, and there was an incredible raffle.  Kevin, Becky and Chris joined me to end my early set with Bring it on Home, and the show just got better and better from there.

Click here to hear Lacie's Thankypalooza Valentine
to all her gracious supporters.

I have a full schedule of production jobs over the next few months with some intriguing new clients.  The University of Texas has been hiring me twice a week to book and provide sound for bands playing outside the Erwin Center before basketball games.  Another local promoter hired me to provide sound every Thursday evening for an amateur vocalist contest with a live band at Dobie Theatre.  I've got PAs going to 5 separate events at South by Southwest this year, including the Texas Music Magazine party, and I subcontracted another two stages for four nights at the Blind Pig on 6th.

Minor Productions has been working closely with the new owners of the Hole in the Wall and there are many improvements being made to the vibe of the space.  They painted over all the graffiti in the game room.  They invested in some new monitors for the stage.  We removed about half the neon beer lights and dimmed the rest so it's not so bright like a sports bar, and we removed 3 TV screens from the wall. Federico is working on some new murals.   I am thrilled with the way it feels and sounds in there now.

I finished my new solo album and it's being mastered at the Bubble as we speak.  After changing studios in the fallout from New Year's Eve, the project landed at Space Monkey studio, a large warm space in a former church on Springdale. I had a great time finishing the overdubs and mixing in this incredible environment with some of the most easygoing engineers I've ever worked with.  You can hear the results on the tracks, which also feature the inestimable talents of Jeff Johnston, Conrad Choucron, Matt Hubbard, Gary Newcomb and Elana James Fremerman.   It's the best album I've ever worked on and I can't wait for you to hear it.

Rebecca played a solo engagement at the Dandelion Cafe on E. 11th Friday night and it looks like it will be a regular thing,  It's a great space for her old timey sound.   In January Danu hooked us up with 4th row passes to see Chuck Berry at the Paramount, with our good friends Peter and David backing him up.  It was incredible, Chuck played all the hits and put on a great, loose fun show.   Gary Clark blew everyone away as the opener.   Later the same night Becky, Kevin, Chris J, Jon Sanchez and I played at a Neil Young tribute at Stubb's and had an awesome time.  It was supposedly for a live album, but the club wouldn't let them set up the recording gear.  The Chronicle said our "rambling Powderfinger" was a highlight.

Those who know me well will tell you I am a huge fan of the rock documentary film genre, and I just saw one of the best ones ever.   Killer Kane was the bass player for the New York Dolls, and the new movie "New York Doll" follows his amazing career arc from his glory days with the Dolls to his dramatic descent into personal oblivion and miraculous recent comeback.  Strong themes of redemption, friendship, forgiveness and spirituality resonate throgh this amazing film.  It was great seeing it with a burger and a beer at the Drafthouse with some good friends, and it makes a great companion to the recently released "All Dolled Up" tour video from 1973.  I am also dying to see Neil Young's new concert film "Heart of Gold" filmed at the Ryman Auditorium by Jonathan Demme.  Neil's new album Prairie Wind is a truly great work.

I got invited to step in to a vacancy on a lineup for the Folk Alliance conference at the Hilton Monday night.  I went on at 9 after Kacy Crowley and before Beaver Nelson in room 1052.  I played a short set of all new tunes through a fancy Bose PA system and had a great time visiting with old and new friends.  It's really bizarre seeing folk music in a deluxe hotel suite.

2/3/06 - Laciepalooza

Minor Productions and the Hole in the Wall invite you to take part in "Lacie-palooza," a very special fundraiser concert on Friday, Feb. 3 at 9pm for our very dear friend and local musician Lacie who is undergoing treatments for severe chronic back pain.  Featured performers include Bruce Robison, Earl Poole Ball, Ethan Azarian, Jerm Pollet, members of L'il Cap'n Travis, Darling New Neighbors and more.   For one night only we are offering a limited number of reserved table packages for a minimum $100 donation.  Don't miss this rare chance to catch some of Austin's top performers in a uniquely intimate setting for a very worthy cause.   Please e-mail superego@prismnet.com for more reservation info.

January 11, 2006 -

Everybody wants to bum a ride on the rock and rollercoaster,
we went out and got our name in small print on the poster...  the Clash

It's shaping up to be a great year already.  I saw a wonderful show tonight by Darin Murphy which turned into a spontaneous gig by his all-star cover band KTEL Hit Machine.  They performed Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, and Gerry Rafferty's "Right Down the Line, and the entire side one of "The Wall" at the Wall.

You should vote for them as Best Cover Band in the Chronicle music poll.  I thought about an Alterego campaign this year, but we don't play the clubs, and I don't have the time or inclination to pass out ballots.    I also thought about posting my recent bitch letter to the theatrical troupe about the New Year's Eve fiasco, but I'm getting over my anger and I have some great new recruits on the team.

My New Year's resolutions are to be less grumpy and focus on healthy diet and exercise.  The gut and the conscience are linked. The supplements are really helping.  I'm also looking into be getting involved with the Kinky campaign.  I ran into one of his campaign managers tonight and the brainstorms are raging like rolling thunder.

I got some amazing new JBL speakers for my main PA system and I will be trying them out at a series of production gigs outside the Erwin Center before Longhorn basketball games.  I think the UT athletic department could be an exciting client these days.

The best Christmas present I got was a re-gift.   I gave my brother Jack a Clash box set for his birthday a few years before he passed away in 96.  I asked my nephew to copy it for me recently, and the box showed up under the tree for me.  I wish Jack could have seen Bob Dylan play the Clash's London Callingin London a few months ago.

The sessions are resuming at a new East Side studio, Space Monkey Audio, for the final overdubs and mixing of the new acoustic album.  Engineer Allan Gill has been an invaluable partner in assisting me with many PA gigs.

I'm shopping for a laptop so I can finally enter the world of the people who work on their computers in public.  Just think, I could be posting this blog from Spiderhouse, Quack's or Dandelion.  I also am very intrigued about creating a podcast version of a blog with songs and interviews by the bands I am currently promoting and previews of shows I'm producing.  I finally got a myspace listing for minorproductions and it's kind of a fun new option for public relations.

The New York Times online says music publishers are targeting unauthorized online lyrics and tablature websites now, so the Alterego fakebook may be in jeopardy, even though it came in very handy for the new guys on the last gig.

Lou Rawls passed away last week.  He was a tremendous singer and he worked tirelessly for some great social causes.  Can it really be wrong to share the words and chords for "Bring it On Home" with the world via the web?    His baritone harmony on the original version of that spiritually rich Sam Cooke tune was so beautiful that it became the melody to me.

If  you ever change your mind, about leaving, leaving me behind, bring it to me, bring your sweet loving, bring it on home to me... Sam Cooke

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