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Well I haven't really blogged at all since 09, but in the meantime, my latest project Texas Tycoons continues to play once a month at Guero's, and I am doing sound on a regular basis at ND Studio 501.   Hit me up on Facebook.

Texas Tycoons - "Treat Her Right / Just A Little Bit" from Jose A Salinas on Vimeo.

Welcome to the first installment of the Minor Productions Texas Music Update for Sept. 25, 2009.  This is a new little multimedia experiment I'm going to try out for awhile.   Basically, I'm going to post semi-regular programs on my website and facebook about what is going on that is worthy of checking out on the town, and throw in some background stuff about my rock and roll adventures and various music related interests.  So you can click on it when I post it, or bookmark it in your browser and at your leisure check out my recommendations and musings regarding for your many entertainment options.  I am going to try to write a few paragraphs, film a few minutes of video and include some other content and links off the web, with the idea you can digest the whole thing in about 15 minutes of your spare time.  I might figure out how to get a podcast version as well at some point so you can listen at the gym.

Austin glamrock children Buick MacKane play this Saturday at the Hole in the Wall, featuring Alejandro Escovedo, Glenn Benavides, David Fairchild, and Joe Eddy Hines.  David and I played together for  much of the 80s in the Urge.  I'll be there Saturday and at the Mohawk's Psychic Freakout Sky Saxon tribute on Sunday.

Be sure to tune into Marfa Public Radio for David Beebe's  Night Train Express every Tuesday at 11pm and visit Padre's when you are in West Texas.

Paul Westerberg has a new CD coming out and you can download it for about 3 bucks here on Amazon.

The Texas Tycoons is an all-texas tribute band featuring Jeff Johnston, Freddy Warner, Gary Newcomb, Matt Hubbard, Wayne Duncan and the twin saxes of Steven Johnson and Marcus Cardwell.  Download this preview mp3 track of Roy Head's "Just a Little Bit" and a few dozen other free downloads from Minor Productions here.

See more of Jack Minor's concert photography here and soon in large format prints at the new Hole in the Wall gallery.

And check out this incredible 1973 Rolling Stones bootleg from  captainsdead.com.

More Dylan history and photos are online here on Paul's Freewheelin' Dylan Site.

interviews Skyrocket's Darin Murphy and he performs 3 great songs.

hole 35

Austin American Statesman  6-2-09
Hole in the Wall music catches up with its past and its math with anniversary

"It's great to find out your memory is not shot after all.  I distinctly recall that the 15th anniversary celebration at the Hole in the Wall was in June 1988.  Timbuk 3 played, fresh from "The Tonight Show" and the line went down the block.  Meanwhile I was two blocks away waiting for a ride to San Francisco.  That's why I'm sure of the month and year.  So when the Hole's Paul Minor sent out a press release for the line-up of the June 12-14th "25th Anniversary" of the Hole, I quickly corrected that it's the 36th Anniversary.  The I did some research and discovered that Doug Cugini opened the joint in June 1974, which would indeed make it 35 years.

Turns out we're both right.  Cugini was so unsure that the club would make it a year that he billed the grand opening as "the first anniversary."  It was a year off until the club closed for a year in 2001.  "When it opened back up we celebrated the next anniversary on the proper year," said Minor, who's put together an incredible old-school linup for the Big 3-5. June 12 features a reunion of the Bizarros, with local legends Bill Bentley and Speedy Sparks.  Mike Hall of the Wild Seeds with present his latest offshoot, Savage Trip at 10:30 pm, followed by the Wannabes at midnight.   The next night will feature the Hickoids (singer Jeff Smith once owned the joint) preceded by Two Hoots and  Holler and Jane Bond.  Then on June 14, the Superego All Stars reprise the Free For All night, which gave so many bands their first gig in town."
- Michael Corcoran

May 30, 2009 - I am currently mixing the Texas Tycoons CD at Crow's Industrial Oaks Studios in South Austin,
and there are a bunch of shows on the upcoming calendar including:

Texas Tycoons at Continental Monday, June 1
Paul Minor at Central Market Sunday, June 7
Texas Tycoons at Poodie's Friday, June 12
Superego at Hole in the Wall Sunday, June 14

May 20, 2009 -

I just updated the homepage and added myspace pages for Texas Tycoons and Alterego plus a ton of new videos
and free downloads from the out of print back catalog on the music page.  Thanks to Cindy at On That Note for all the great new footage.  I am heading to Marfa again this weekend for the Grande Opening.  Click the poster for more details. 


April 29, 2009
The latest issue of Texas Music Magazine is on shelves now with Ray Benson on the cover, with a CD sampler that includes a radio edit of "Afterthought" from The Marfa Project.  I will be back in Marfa this weekend opening for James McMurtry at Padre's for the Marfa Film Festival.  The new club is open and doing great business.  I was there  a couple of weeks ago for the first weekend  with  live music, kitchen and bar all up and running.

March 29, 2009

I survived another SXSW but just barely.  I had two production jobs a day, moving my largest PA systems all over downtown all week.   Thanks to guest engineers I blew a total of 8 speakers.   The parties where I mixed went great, including the Texas Music Magazine Party at Scholz Garten and the Pentagram publication party with Darden Smith and Joe Ely.    The Woodstock Tribute on Sunday was incredible, and we will be presenting it again at Threadgill's WHQ August 16.

I am thrilled about the opening of Padre's Marfa, which is serving food, beer, liquor and live music as of this week.  I will be there for a much needed vacation April 5 through 15, then the Marfa Film Festival April 29 - May 3, and the Padre's Grand Opening May 22-24.


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