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I sell guitars and amps at Mars Music Superstore Wednesdays 11-7:30, Thursdays 12-9, Fridays 11-7:30. Then Saturdays there is a mandatory martian meeting at 9:30 AM, after which I work until it is time for the Argyles to load up for our weekly road gigs, usually around one. If it's Houston, I am often back by 5 AM Sunday morning. I work noon-6 on Sunday afternoon and then begrudgingly host the Free For All at the Hole in the Wall from 9:30-2:30 AM.

Monday is the time I reserve for therapy, superego studio sessions and songwriting. Tuesday i launder, bathe, groce, and/or update my webpage calendar stuff:


Sunday, March 28th - FREE FOR ALL: juan solo, subset, sleepwalkers

Friday, April 2 - The Argyles will be hosting an All-Star Jam with special guests 9-12 pm every other Friday in April at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Grill. Come sit in with the band on your favorite classic requests and enjoy the buffet.

Sunday, April 4 - FREE FOR ALL: grand champeen, aerosol, sparkwood (formerly shine), superego

Monday, April 5 - Superego recording session at Music Lane with the Cros.

Saturday, April 10 - Argyles Private Party, Waco

Sunday, April 11 - FREE FOR ALL: eclectricks, hotshot satellite, superego

Monday, April 12 - Superego recording session at Living Room.

Friday, April 16 - ARGYLES ALL-STAR JAM: Dick Clark's Bandstand Austin

Sunday, April 18 - FREE FOR ALL: Golden Milleniums, Roar Lion, Superego

Monday, April 19 - Superego recording/mixing session at Living Room.

Saturday, April 24 - Argyles Private Party, Waco.

Sunday, April 25 - Rebecca Cannon, Violet Spell, Lauren Lipkin, Superego

Monday, April 26 - Superego recording/mixing session at Living Room.

Friday, April 30 - Bandstand Jam with the Argyles

Saturday, May 7 - Argyles Private Party, San Antonio

Saturday, May 15 - Argyles Private Party, Houston

Saturday, May 28 - Argyles Private Party, Houston

Sunday, May 29 - Argyles Private Party, Austin

Tuesday, June 29 - Argyles Private Party, Austin

Sept 12-20: FREE FOR ALL MUSIC FESTIVAL and Superego CD release party.

12/12/99 - Argyles Private Party, Houston

As the millenium approaches, things are getting progressively weirder.

Kid Hustle has been the number one salesman at MARS superstore for a couple of recent weeks, and the guitar department in Austin is number one in the country every month since opening.

Superego's new album is about halfway finished and already includes guest performances by Tony Scalzo, Joey Shuffield, Kathy Ziegler, Jason Frankhouser, Jimmy Smith and more. The tentative title is "Tragedian Stride." Scalzo was guest co-host of Andy Langer's 101-X radio call-in show a few weeks ago and played a cut from the album called "Misery Date" that is also included on the SIMS foundation benefit CD, released for SXSW in support of musicians mental health services. The zigstress is making me a hand-carved custom solidbody guitar that will be somewhere on the cover, along with photos from our rehearsal space/breakfast nook.

Nickel $ Dime records plans to release this new record locally as late as the 5th free for all anniversary in september.

I would love to see it released to a wider audience eventually and do some touring to support it. we'll definitely book some cd release shows around texas and we hope to be invited to play at the LMNOP conference in New Orleans in April. The Argyles may also do some road work this year, if we can work things out with the Dick Clark people. He's got 10 restaurants around the country and a pending deal with some tour bus people.

The Argyles met Dick Clark on March 12. He's all about music and so am i. They have big multimedia plans in the works at the new facility and at the very least, it has inspired us to get our demo disc, website, and press kit in order. Our foot is way in the door.

His personal assistant is here setting up his media events at the restaurant, and the Argyles and Superego were both among a select few bands invited to shake his hand and take pictures. The highlights were backing up Archie Bell on "The Tighten-Up," and Dick Clark onstage introducing us as "the most dependable and versatile party band in Texas." I got his autograph on a clipping from my press kit that calls me "The Dick Clark of the Austin Music Scene..."

A Fox 7 piece using the Free For All as backdrop for a feature on the plight of the Austin musician was aired a few weeks ago on the 10 o'clock news, and it is the best multimedia press kit i could ever ask for, a de facto resume with a lot of high-tech production value and slick footage of the superego in action. The next day at work no less than 6 random people told me they saw it. Kid Hustle also showed up on the news during Fastball's concert at SXSW last Friday. Earthpig handed me a beer as I was telling April Molina about how their overnight success has left me bitter and confused. The free for all press kit is thicker than ever.

The best part of SXSW is running into old friends from out of town who you never see anymore like Jon Knodel, co-founder of the Free For All, now living on the air in Cincinnatti. The day after their Iron Cactus fiasco , the Dieselhed guys met us for lunch at Tamale House after lyrically lambasting the Austin Music Network on the air during "B a Band." Friday night Flaming Lips left stars in my eyes after everyone said we'd never get in. I also saw David Byrne, Marcia Ball and Guy Clark sit in with Terry Allen at the Lunch, Richard Buckner sang Tom Petty with Calexico, and Morningwood rocked the SIMS compilation release party in the idea factory parking garage.

Saturday while everyone was grooving at Guided by Voices and Tom Waits, the Argyles played in San Antonio atop an Art Deco-era historical apartment building and humped our equipment up three flights of stairs to the rooftop terrace. There were fireworks on the horizon just east of the alamo and the space needle as we played "Unforgettable."

Check out our updated setlist.

I worked the Sunday "amateur day" shift at Mars and did even more heavy awkward lifting. One guy even had the nerve to refuse to join me in lifting his new Fender Twin into the car and then say "Whattya got, a bad back?" Then I went to the FREE FOR ALL showcase Sunday night. Chris Smith destroyed the stage sitting in with Seed, with his jovial dad cheering him on from the front row. Deep Sombreros, Mittens and Kathy Ziegler all rocked the full house. Arriving late from a gig at Astroworld, MZ had his documentary film crew in his lap for most of the entire Lil' Cap'n Travis set, who wrapped up SXSW in a little brown bag around 2:20 AM, when the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk for an acoustic serenade by a camera-shy earthpig.

I am not interested in any sudden giant leap of notoriety, or an overnight ticket to fame and fortune. i just want to continue to take things to the next level and gradually realize what my dreams are made of.

Art is like mining. If you bring up too much coal from the mine during your prime, you succumb to black lung before your time.

Today I have been laid up with a stiff lower lumbar all day, but it seems to be getting more limber. The chiropractor said i had a slipped L5 disc. Yesterday's studio session was canceled by the studio at the last minute due to a noise conflict with a neighboring tenant. Sessions with drummer Kevin Pearson will resume on his next day off in two weeks. He's the drum department manager at Mars. Tomorrow I go in to work an hour early for Gibson training. The new shipment of classic Les Pauls and Mesa Boogie Amps just arrived.

So here's to a career in music. It seems to be all about harmony and dynamics and timing.



"Lord I'm gonna find me, a hole in the wall, I'm gonna lay right down and die..." Marshall Tucker

Bitter Correspondence File:

Subject: no more strip shows at RH!!
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:16:23 EST
From: GLeighLADY@aol.com
To: sdashew@earthlink.net

Okay folks...Here's the scoop. Due to an unfortunate combustible mixture of new owners at the Rhythm House (add in expletive here), no appreciation for hard-working musicians who bring in huge, happy, high-paying crowds (like yourselves) and a few other things we dare not mention online, the result is: the new owners have decided there will be no more live music ever at the Rhythm House. There are broken verbal contracts galore, hurt feelings and a whole lot of disrespecting went on Friday night. (And by the way, for y'all who were at the RH last Friday, thanks for a great show!) Yep, it's a bummer, but we'd like to ask all of you a favor, if you will: if you like supporting hard-working performers in this town, you may not want to make RH your first choice destination. There won't be any music there anyway.

THERE. Having said that as amicably as possible, Ginger & Sarah ARE playing this Friday, March 26th, twice!! From noon-2:30 at the new Starbuck's on 24th St. by campus, and from 9-12 at La Zona Rosa with full band!!

Subject: Re: Fastball video
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 19:22:48 -0600
From: "Debbie P." 

Hey Paul,

Received the video today. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Lord, I'm only half way thru and I already LOVE it. I almost flipped when I heard "Like Wow, Wipeout." What a great song, and a great version of it, too!! And thanks for the pick, too. You know, I saw some guy on eBay selling those little turkeys for $5 a pop! So THANK YOU very much.

Let me know if you ever get any more videos made. I'll be in the market. : )

Debbie P.

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