Heywood Jablome at Bill's Bubble Party

Holefest 2000 had too many highlights and lowlifes to recount, but Nickel $ Dime Productions hopes to make a video compilation available sometime before the 7th Annual. The years just keep getting shorter.  Meanwhile, videos of the individual band sets can be custom ordered for 20 bucks each.  Featured bands include:  Subset, Superego, Britt Daniel, Darin Murphy, Walter Tragert with Scrappy Jud, Beaver Nelson, Mike Nicolai, Prescott Curlywolf, Fantasmagordo, Jane Bond, Ted Roddy's Tearjoint Troubadors, Grand Champeen, Telray, Sin Pelo, Ten Speed, Privateers, Alterego, Stingers, Gnappy, The Nortons with Will Sexton, Barkers, Orange Mothers, El Orbits, Lil' Cap'n Travis, Golden Arm Trio, Deep Sombreros, & Household Names plus bonus footage of Fastball and Meat Puppets.  N$D will now shoot digital video of any band at any club including the Free For All for a small negotiable fee (ranging from a Heineken to a Hamilton) to cover tape cost and dubbing time.


Sunday, Sept. 24 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Shane Bartell 10 - Household Names 11 - Superego 12 - Biscuit Boyz
Friday, Sept. 29 - MARS MUSIC SUPERSTORE: 8:30 - Superego
Sunday, Oct. 1 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Z is for Zillah 10 - Jimmy George 11 - Superego 12 - Grass
Sunday, Oct. 8 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Sarah Sharp 10 - Park Legend 11 - Superego 12 - Luke Williams
Sunday, Oct. 15 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Mike DuBose 10 - Bakin' Brownies 11 - Superego 12 - Plum
Sunday, Oct. 22 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Fantasmagordo 10 - Prescott Curlywolf 11 - Superego 12 - Deathray Davies
Sunday, Oct. 29 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Lil Cap'n Travis  10 - Playthings 11 - Superego 12 - Household Names
Sunday, Nov. 5 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - NPR  10 - Dewato  11 - Superego  12 - Choking Ahogo
Sunday, Nov. 12 - CLUB DEVILLE : Free Radio Austin Benefit  7 pm - Superego 8 - Dismukes
Sunday, Nov. 12 - FREE FOR ALL 9 - Amberjack Rice 10 - Les Dexic 11 - Superego 12 - Transfixr 1- Britt Daniel
Sunday, Nov. 19 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Kiska 10 - Litter Meet  11 - Superego 12 - Bedbug
Sunday, Nov. 26 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Rocketship Gospel  10 - Woodpeckers  11 - Superego  12 - Stingers
Sunday, Dec. 3 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Mighty Hebrews 10 - Rain 11 - Superego 12 - Conrads
Sunday, Dec. 10 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Relative Circle  10 - Choking Ahogo   11 - Superego  12 - Arthurs
Sunday, Dec. 12 - MOMO'S   9:30 - Will Sexton  10:30 - Superego  11:30 - Dewato   12:30 - Kitty Gordon
Sunday, Dec 17 - FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Men From Nantucket 10 - Kid Biscuit 11 - Superego 12- Tom Foolery


I would like to share a vision with you good people.  This is an idea that has been rolling around in my head for awhile and I am ready to start pursuing it doggedly.

The Texas Music Cultural Center is an independently-operated institution dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of the indigenous music of central Texas.  It is a public facility featuring multiple live music venues.  The interior architecture will convert easily from an intimate roadhouse atmosphere featuring nightly entertainment to a large scale dancehall/ballroom setting suitable for concerts.  It will also feature a state of the art multimedia audio and video production facility.   Texas musical acts can rehearse, record, perform, produce and distribute musical products all under one roof at reasonable costs.  The cultural center online includes a fully interactive e-commerce website with a variety of educational and information resources and promotional services for musicians, including music merchandise manufacturing and distribution, classifed ads, gig referrals and digital audio and video downloads.   Texas Music Center television productions could reach millions of homes worldwide through online and satellite broadcasts.   It would also be a fully-catered banquet facility for weddings, family occasions, corporate events, fundraisers and conventions.   The venues will also serve as preservation galleries for museum-style artifacts of Texas' legendary music artists, such as photos, posters, instruments and awards.  Featured acts will be all-inclusive and eclectic, varying from western swing to jazz to tejano to modern rock and punk to classical.    The center will feature a fully-equipped kitchen serving daily lunch and dinner specials, with casual dining and live entertainment.   It will also have a beer garden and eventually such amenities as rehearsal spaces, a music pro-shop, short-term apartments, offices and conference rooms for in-house legal consultation and counseling sessions for musicians.

One way of looking at this idea is a community organization encompassing a club, restaurant, banquet hall, recording studio, soundstage, museum, television channel, music store, record label and website.  Another way to describe it is a rock and roll wildflower center, only with bands instead of bluebonnets.  It could also be called a post-millenial musical vision in the tradition of the Armadillo World Headquarters.   Whatever it is, it is a big dream of mine that needs to happen soon before the wildflowers become extinct.  I have already made great personal progress in developing the basic skills of each of these harmonious aspects, including live music production, event promotion, audio recording, CD manufacturing, video production, music retail, banquet management, club/restaurant management, web design, etc.  Currently I am finishing a Master's Degree in Human Services at St. Edward's, studying Conflict Mediation and Human Resources Management.   This project is the extension of my 20 years of experience in music and related businesses.   Upon graduation, I plan to get a job that will enable me to continute to develop this idea while raising capital to obtain a suitable space for this ambitious undertaking.   I have the vision, the talent and the ambition, I just need partners.


New 20 song Superego Compilation available.
Free For All wins City Search Best Weekly Show
Holefest Recommended Column
Holefest Liveshot
Rutlemania show at Jo's Rained-Out
Chepo in Japan and Quentin Tarantino sighted at Free For All.
Argyles left on Miss Congeniality cutting room floor


Subject: conrads rule!
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 17:01:49 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions

Live music fiends,

The Conrads at the Black Cat on Wednesdays is my favorite new regular
show.  If you like the El Orbits but could do without the bingo, you
will love the Conrads, featuring Houston expatriate vocal sensation
David Beebe,  Landis "Slowhandis" Armstrong on lead guitar, Toadliquor
bassist Matt Essky, and Stingers' stickman Drew Gerfers on drums.  They
play a nearly four-hour set of indigenous roadhouse classics with no breaks
starting around ten.  Please join me on the bleachers and the dance
floor tonight at this all too often overlooked live music preservation

Subject: Mars Attacks 2
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 16:19:28 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To: superego@prismnet.com


I just wanted to let everybody know I am returning to the red planet.
Starting Sunday, I will once again be working part-time on the guitar
sales floor at Mars the musician's planet in Hancock Center at 42nd and
Red River.   The corporation has changed to a commission sales system
and I decided to give it a shot.  Please keep me in mind for your next
musical purchase, however big or small.  I will be working Sundays noon
to 6, Tuesdays 11-6 and Fridays 1-9.  I can also arrange to meet you
there to ring up a sale any time, feel free to call me at home or the
store.  I will also have my calendar on-hand at the store for bookings
at the hole and a new downtown jam I am planning.

Subject: Superego In-Store tonight
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:28:58 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To:   superego@prismnet.com

Superego plays a 30 minute set tonight, Friday Sept. 29, 8:30 pm
at Mars Music Superstore at 42nd and Red River.
The performance is being videotaped for a nationwide contest
for a "recording contract" and a home recording prize package.
Please come by to show your support
and get some early Christmas shopping in.

Subject: Re: Superego In-Store tonight
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 16:30:28 -0500
From: allyson lipkin 
To: superego@prismnet.com
References: 1

Paul, ol chap!
Good luck on the contest... you are a go getter. I was just looking at all the recording distributors in texas, and there are many tejano ones...and thinking maybe one day I'll call some of them. I had a great time at holefest, and want to buy a t shirt and a poster. Catch us at an in store across the street from you house at abcd's, thursday at 7. I will hand you a beer and a cd.

Subject:  Deep Sombreros gig
Date:  Sat, 07 Oct 2000 17:06:26 -0500
From:  superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To:  tallram@hotmail.com
CC: lipkin@ev1.net,  peter@jump.net


I have heard that the owners of San Jose Motel and Jo's Coffeehouse are very
excited about seeing a 4 minute music video that I directed a couple years back
for Deep Sombreros.  Most of the footage was shot at the 24-hour Tire Shop that
used to stand where Jo's is now.    The guitar player worked and lived there,
changing people's tires in the middle of the night.  The video is hilarious,
and so is the band.  I brought the video down on the night that Ted Roddy
played, but the owners were not around.  I told Tina I would come back next
week, but I have had a change of heart.  I think that the Deep Sombreros should
be a featured band at the gig, and that would be the appropriate occasion for
the video, as well as a movie of their choosing.  They are the perfect band for
the venue:  acoustic, upbeat and fun as hell.  Please put them on the calendar
when you resume booking for the spring season.

Subject:   Free For All
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 14:24:47 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization:  nickel $ dime productions
To:  yourband@hole.org

how about midnight nov. 5th?  40 minute set, superego provides drums, 300
watt bass rig, two 50 watt guitar amps.  You bring sticks, snare, snare
stand, cymbals, kik pedal, hi-hat clutch, guitars, cables, effects.  A VHS
copy of a digital video of your set can be provided for a small production

Subject:Re: austin gig
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:48:41 EDT
From: roadband@aol.com
To: superego@prismnet.com

would it be ok if we were to bring our drum to use those to play with?  our
drummer feels comfortable with his drumset and likes the set up and doesnt
know how it would be using another set.  also, we might like to use our amps
too since thats where we get our sound from.  if we feel we could still get
the same sound out of your equipment then we'd have no problem using it and
it would save us a lot of trouble with bringing it down with us but otherwise
we're use to our sound with what we have.

Subject: Re: austin gig
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:20:32 -0500
From: paul minor 
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To: yourband@hole.org
References: 1


I appreciate your contacting me with questions regarding the stage set up. We have hosted the free for all every week for six years and we have developed a system that works for everybody. The stage is kind of small and there are four bands playing, with your band second. We have found that sharing equipment makes for smoother and quicker set changes, giving each band more performance time. There is also very limited room in the club for equipment. Here is my suggestion: Have your drummer bring his own snare drum, snare stand, cymbals, cymbal stands, throne, kik pedal and hi hat stand. Our drum kit is a basic kick/ floor/rack set up, we can add a second rack tom if needed. It should feel remarkably like his own kit once he adds his accessories.

On the amps, I would propose a similar solution. If you have separate amp heads, bring those and plug into our cabinets to get your sound. Our bass speaker is an Ampeg 4X10, the guitar cabinet is a Marshall 2X12, both wired 8 ohms. If you want to bring small combo guitar amps, that would be ok, as long as you realize the stage is small and the drums and amps that we provide will not be removed. Bands have been using our gear for years with only positive results.

So that's the gig. We look forward to hearing your set, feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Subject: Rutlemania
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:29:12 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
To: superego@prismnet.com

Friends of Dirk, Ron, Stig, and Barry,

Superego will perform an unplugged set of original material followed by a screening of the classic British rockumentary "The Rutles - All You Need is Cash" on a big screen in the parking lot of Jo's Coffeehouse across S. Congress from the Continental Club this Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8 pm.

"And so it was they found themselves - far from home, and far from talented..."

Subject: tape
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 19:34:41 GMT
From: household names 
To: superego@prismnet.com

Hey Paul, the tape looks and sounds amazing! Nice work! I especially like when it starts moving, it's got this weird digital shakiness to it. I was really impressed with the microphone on it, it was able to capture all the sounds at similar levels. Well, except the bass, but it's hard to get bass on those things. Drums sound great though. Amazing compression.

Hey I meant to ask you if you had any free-for-all slots open in October. We have a really good time doing those and we're kind of hard-pressed for shows in October. Just let me know if you think there's anything available.

Thanks again for the tape!

Subject:  contract
Date:  Sat, 07 Oct 2000 15:45:44 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To: dax@talentconnection.net

On behalf of Superego I Paul Minor hereby authorize the use of any music
by Superego on a CD compilation distributed for free at the "high-tech happy hour" event at
Austin Music Hall 10-12-2000.

Subject: xs650 fork boots
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 23:07:37 -0500
From:  jonnyflambeaux@hotmail.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To: info@domiracer.com

hello,my name is jon sanchez.  i'm in austin tx.
i'm looking for some fork-boots to fit my '76 yamaha xs650.
"omar's" refered me to you.  it is part #01-06-5743
do you have these in stock,will they fit,and how much are they?
many thanks.
jonny flambeaux

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