DEEP SOMBREROS: This Austin quintet combines acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and saxophone for a wild ride through old-world tongue-in-cheek ska and klezmer-flavored rock & roll. The songs are fast and the energy is contagious, and the only recorded song thus far, "Action," can be found on volume three of the KVRX compilations. (Hole in the Wall, 10pm) -- Christopher Hess

SUPEREGO: Besides offering incontrovertible proof that nice guys rock, Superego deserves your respect for the often thankless, but just as often glorious, task of closing Hole in the Wall's Sunday Rock & Roll Free for All going on five years now. It's not easy reinventing yourself week in-week out, but the reason Paul Minor, Jon Sanchez, Andrew Duplantis, and Erik Conn pull it off is because whatever else they've got going on, they can just cut loose here for a couple of hours. It may only be rock & roll, but most Sunday nights it sounds close enough to heaven to at least sneak in the back gate. (Hole in the Wall, 11pm) -- Christopher Gray

THE MITTENS: With names like Lucas Van Lenten, Tobin Scroggins, Ryan Willis, and Carrie Contey, these four locals seemed fated to form a rock band before they even met. That they turned out to be such a good one is pure gravy. Swapping vocals and instruments by the song, the Mittens meander from rainy-day, four-track melancholia to go-for-broke instrumental sunbursts. Watching them work their magic on rapt Hole in the Wall audiences is one of Austin's hidden pleasures. (Hole in the Wall, Midnight) -- Christopher Gray

L'IL CAP'N TRAVIS: The most winsome side-project in Austin grabs the honorable closing slot of the conference at their regular Sunday Rock & Roll Free for All gig. Comprised of members of Earthpig & Fire, Pajamacus, Glowforce, and the Orange Mothers, the L'il Cap'n will charm your panties off with their Moog-backed alt.Amarillo silliness. (Hole in the Wall, 1am) -- Kim Mellen