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Here's some published assessments of Superego's latest public offerings:

"...It was up to Superego to close out the weekend, and they delivered, even though "Two Tickets to Paradise" was as close as they ever came to a trucking song. Nevertheless, they evoked past Hoot Night honorees Tom Petty and Neil Young on the new "Another Weak Attempt" and "Nothing in Return," and had the whole joint rockin' with choice selections from their bottomless grab bag of covers, this time the Who's "The Kids Are Alright" and the Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait" (sadly, there was no "Convoy"). When the lights came up, Superego launched into Roky Erickson's "You're Gonna Miss Me," and another year passed into the books. Erickson's jagged sentiments don't even begin to cover the void that would exist should the Hole ever get filled in, so here's to at least 26 more years of truckin' for Texas' rowdiest, raunchiest historical site."

"The Ego has landed with its third album, sporting a guest list and band roster of almost equal length. With members of Morningwood, Sixteen Deluxe, Cotton Mather, Fastball, David Garza's band, the Meat Puppets, the Argyles, and the mighty Dismukes on hand, it's no wonder head Egomaniac Paul Minor calls Oh Yes My Friend "a third Free for All compilation masquerading as a third Superego album." Such a round-robin personnel policy would cause most groups to lose focus, but here it only cements Superego's reputation as one of the Capitol City's most chameleonlike bands. The gentle bossa nova of opener "Misery Dance" bleeds into the cheeky double-entendres and Thin Lizzy-ish wattage of "Tulips" and shaggy Southern country/rock of "Lagniappe" with no real loss of continuity and a pervasive anything-goes sense of adventure. And there's more - the swirling Procol Harum organ of "Nothing in Return," the wistful power-pop of "Another Weak Attempt," and the snappy near-punk sounds of "D is for Dismukes" are three additional high points. The only better way to recreate a Sunday night at the Hole would be to put the "Checkpoint Bubba" sign on the cover."

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Just call Paul Minor the James Brown of Austin, because he's definitely the hardest-working man in show business around these parts. Between fronting country-club superstars the Argyles and booking Hole in the Wall's upcoming Free for All Music Festival, he has just put the wraps on Superego's third CD, an all-star affair called Oh Yes My Friend. Here he's joined by his friends in Lil' Cap'n Travis, who only get sweeter with time, and the brash young Grand Champeen, who went toe-to-toe with the Damnations back in May, for a plum local tripleheader you just can't buy on eBay.