The Texas Musicians Cultural Resource Center

The Musicians Cultural Resource Center is dedicated to the preservation of Texas musicians.  It is a public facility featuring a live performance area, retail and office space.  It will convert easily from an intimate roadhouse featuring nightly entertainment to a dancehall/ballroom setting suitable for events.  It will also accomodate multimedia audio and video productions.

Texas musical acts can perform, rehearse, record, produce and distribute musical products all under one roof.
The "Groover's Paradise" shop will feature local band merchandise including CDs and t-shirts, used musical equipment,
and a variety of educational and information resources and promotional services for musicians.

 It would also be a fully-catered banquet facility for weddings, family occasions, corporate events, fundraisers.
There will be a sliding scale room rental for community events.

Featured musical acts will be all-inclusive and eclectic, varying from western swing to jazz to Tejano to modern rock and punk to classical.  The venue will also serve as a gallery for  artifacts of Texas' music and visual artists, such as paintings, photos, posters, instruments and awards.

Groover's Paradise will feature a coffee shop and snack bar serving daily specials.

It will also have an outside seating area, and offices and conference rooms for non-profits and production companies.
The performance area will be used for workshops, classes, slide shows, community meetings, recitals, and many other forums.
There will be a summer rock music camp for disabled kids and young adults.

One way of looking at this idea is a rock and roll wildflower center, only with bands instead of bluebonnets.  It could also be called a post-millennial musical vision in the tradition of the Armadillo World Headquarters.

A team is being built to bring together all the pieces of this vision.  I have skills in live music production, promotion, recording, video production, banquet management, club/restaurant management, web design, etc.  I hold a Master's Degree at St. Edward's, studying Conflict Mediation and Human Resources Management.   This project is the extension of 20 years of experience in local music.

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