Chepo Trick live at Budokan

"With rumors flying about the future of his Superego, part-time Martian Paul Minor says,
'Let me assure you that both Superego and the Free For All are alive and well. I am
exhibiting symptoms of classic burnout after hosting the Free For All for six and a
half wonderful years. I am hoping to make an exit that will allow both Superego and
the FFA to continue independently.'  Starting in March, Superego will only be
hosting the show occasionally with organization chores being taken up on other
weeks by either members of the band or special guests. Any volunteers?... "

Austin Chronicle 12/15/00

MARCH 18, 2001

In the grand tradition of Scorsese, the Last Temptation of Superego will be a
night of great pageantry celebrating life and loss.    In much the same way
that the classic Kazantzakis novel is an alternative interpretation of the
gospel, Superego's passion play will not be a strict re-enactment of The
Band's Last Waltz, but an inspired reinvention.    Numerous special guests
will represent the archetypal rock figures who appear in the original.   Lil'
Cap'n Travis will play Neil Young,   Beaver Nelson will represent for Dylan,
members of the Damnations are doing Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris and Neil
Diamond,   Golden Arm Trio is Dr. John,  Ted Roddy is Paul Butterfield.   Eric
Clapton, Muddy Waters and Van the Man are also in several good hands.  Expect
to hear many of the Band's greatest hits as well as different selections from
the featured artists' vast reportoires, in addition to songs performed in the

Superego will be hosting their swansong free for all at this show after 6 1/2
years of being house band.   In late March, those duties will be in the able
hands of the leaders of the group Telray and friends.   Minor will still be
found most Sundays on his favorite barstool near the video poker machine,
and plans to heckle the bands and bumrush the stage as much as possible.
Superego will play on anniversaries and regular bills at the hole and other
clubs, and will remain involved in the annual free for all music festival.
"We'll keep turning up like a bad penny, I'm sure..."


Tuesday, Jan. 16 - MOMO's - 10:30 - Superego   11:30 - Kitty Gordon  12:30 - Dewato
Thusday, Jan. 18 - BLACK CAT -  11:30 - Superego and special guests
Sunday, Jan. 21 - FREE FOR ALL:  Guest Hosts:  High Horse
Thursday, Jan. 25 - BLACK CAT:   11 - Superego  12 - Stingers
Sunday, Jan. 28 -  FREE FOR ALL: 9 - Joe West 10 - Bright and Hollow Sky   11 - Superego 12 - Lowery 66
Sunday, Feb. 4 - FREE FOR ALL:   9 - Utah Grant   10 -This Bike is a Pipebomb  11 - Superego  12 - Conrads
Thursday, Feb. 8th:   ALTEREGO  10-12  Waterloo Brewing Co.
Sunday, Feb. 11 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Jennifer Cook  10 - Mike Nicolai   11 - Superego  12 - The Tinys
Sunday, Feb. 18 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Relative Circle 10 - Tumbleweed Racers 11 - Superego  12 - Burned Blue
Sunday, Feb. 25 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - The Firebrands   10 - The Jimmies 11 - Superego   12 - Playthings
Sunday, March 4 - FREE FOR ALL:   9 -  Kathy Ziegler  10 - Telray 11 - 54 Seconds  12 - Will Sexton
Tuesday, March 6th:    ALTEREGO:  7-9   Empanada Parlor
Sunday, March 11 - FREE FOR ALL:   9 - Rain  10 - Household Names 11 - Superego 12 - Stingers
Sunday, March 25th - FREE FOR ALL:   9 - Split Christie  10 - Edith Keeler 11 - Telray  12 - Bluehearts
Tuesday, March 27th:   ALTEREGO:  7-9   Empanada Parlor
Sunday, April 1 - FREE FOR ALL:   10 - Telray
Sunday, April 8 - FREE FOR ALL:    9 - Rebecca Cannon 10 - TBA 11 - Telray  12 - Bubba Demons
Thursday, April 12 - LUCY's RETARDED SURFER's BAR:
9 - Superego 10 - Grand Champeen 11 - Lil' Cap'n Travis 12 - Slobberbone
Wednesday, April 18th: ALTEREGO:     6:30-8:30  The Oasis
Saturday, April 20th:   ALTEREGO:   Private Party -Wildflower Center 8-11
Saturday, April 28th:    ALTEREGO:    St. Edwardís Ragsdale Center 6-10
Friday, May 18th:   ALTEREGO:  6-10     Private Party
Saturday, October 6:   ALTEREGO:  Private Party


New 20 song Superego Compilation available.
Free For All wins City Search Best Weekly Show
Pictures from Superego final free for all original set performance

"By the way, did you know Fastball was playing the Super Bowl? Actually, they're playing
in the parking lot with Cheap Trick before the game, says Paul Minor, who got a free ticket
to both the show and the game out of the deal. That should make up for his being socked out
of the Argyles for "creative differences." ("It was a classic philosophical disagreement," he says.
"I thought there should be a philosophy, and they disagreed.") Superego maven Minor
has now unveiled his own new cover band called Alterego... "

Austin Chronicle 1/26/01


Subject: Rick Danko show mentioned in the Guestbook
Date:  Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:38:11 EST

     If that Rick Danko show at UT you mentioned in the Band website Guestbook is from 1993, I have a copy of it on MiniDisc.  If it is you, you can clearly be heard requesting "It Makes No Difference."  I was actually listening to it this morning, believe it or not.  Let me know if you are interested in a copy of it.

Bob Wardlaw
New Orleans, LA

Subject: Seeking Employment
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 14:10:24 -0600
Organization: nickel $ dime productions

Dear Friends,

I am now seeking a full-time job.   The Argyles and I have decided to
part ways.  This has been my main source of income for six years.    I
have a vast set of communication and organizational skills, and I am
currently in a Human Resource Management Masters' Degree program at St.
Edward's.   Please refer me to any job opportunities you are aware of.



Subject:   the good news
Date:   Sun, 21 Jan 2001 19:14:30 -0600
Organization:  nickel $ dime productions

"Austin's not just kind of becoming a big city," says the police leiutenant in a Statesman article
about Sixth Street's recent rash of stabbings, "It is a big city."   The transient who attacked three partiers
on a brightly lit corner of 7th and Neches muttered "Welcome to Hell" as he wielded his buck knife.
In this time of massive high-tech corporate layoffs and the city's fragile infrastructure buckling
under the weight of swarms of yankee worker bees scrambling for shelter in their Ford Exploder SUV's,
I thought you all might want to hear some positive news.

I had a glorious time today canoeing on Town Lake with my friends
Alfredo and Alberto.   It was gorgeous out.   We watched the geese and ducks and
clouds, oblivious to the undercurrent of panic and strife consuming the violent crown.

Fastball is taking me along for the ride when they play at a stadium
parking lot party for the Superbowl in Tampa next Sunday afternoon.
They also scored me a ticket for the game.   I got a real cheap plane
fare and we are staying at a Disneyland resort.   Cheap Trick is also on the
bill at the party,  so I will be in "heaven tonight."

My first organizational behavior class was Thursday night and it looks
like it will be quite stimulating.  The teacher is real witty and
sarcastic in a kind of Walter Matthau grumpy old ex-colonel way.

The job hunt is ongoing.   There are a lot of compromised positions that I
am not so interested in, but it is kind of fun getting hooked up through
all these new modern channels and seeing what's out there.  I am on a
couple of high-profile online referral services and it is nice to know
that if I wanted to sell wireless service or web access there is plenty
of opportunity if I get that desparate.  I am also in the UT human
resources system and getting all their listings.   I went down and
entered my resume and took the typing and spelling tests, (45 WPM and
100%.) They are having a job fair on the day I leave for Tampa, so I
will probably go straight to the airport from the Erwin Center.

The most promising lead I have pursued is a Grant Writer position at St.
Edward's University Relations Dept.  I applied on the day it was posted.  I
put together a really professional resume and a writing sample.    Some
interesting coincidences lead me to believe that it might just come
together.   First, they are specifically seeking an English Writing
major, which I am, and not to mention a St. Ed's alumnus.   Another is
that I got a postcard from University Relations the day after I
applied.   It was an invitation to a guest speaker, who turns out to be
the same high dollar mediation specialist I interviewed last semester.
Yes, I plan to attend the speech.   Another good omen is that I was not
entirely sure what all the job entailed at first, but when I found out
more about what a grant writer does for people seeking funds for their
non-profit ideas, I was happy that I chose to include an interview paper
I wrote about SIMS foundation as a writing sample.

Anyway, I am trying not to put all my eggs in one chicken before it
hatches, but I think I would like this job and do it well.   It is 30
hours a week and flexible.  I could probably do some writing at home and
then go to the office for the administrative stuff.

The new function band Alterego is shaping up.  I have been spending all
my spare time working on my custom personal fake book which now has over
50 classic songs, and I have assembled a solid line-up of some of my
favorite talent for the gigs.   We have four gigs booked, three happy
hour club dates leading up to a function at St. Ed's on April 28th for
Dr. Johnson, the Dean of Humanities.

I got some closure with the Argyles after talking with a couple of the
other members.  I found out that there was some reasoning, albeit
skewed,  behind the new plan, and in some ironic way I find some strange
justice in it all.   My pressure to improve the band got me kicked
out.   I was becoming the dominant motivating force in making
improvements to the system.  I made new setlists,  I burned CDs of all the
material for every member to reference.   I brought in new songs, I
researched a new PA.   I recorded basic tracks for a new demo at my own
expense, and I think the issue was just forced a bit too far.    I wish someone
had just told me, "Dude, it's not your band."

For example,  one reason they justified my dismissal is that I was never
satisfied with the bass player, and I was always pushing to get the old
guy back, even thought Brad is a fun guy to party with.    I would coach
him on his parts during the gigs and encourage him to play the correct
bass lines.   While they agreed that he needed improvement, they claimed
it was unprofessional for me to make changes onstage.   But they could
never get it together to rehearse or record a new demo.  It's a classic
band paradox, but their solution was a complete shock.  I was sacrificed
to the god of complacency.   Now the old bassist is back and the Brad
is moving into my spot, where he will play simple guitar, sing a
few of my songs and not make waves.   All I can say is, "Real proud of

I am taking the night off tonight from the Free For All, and planning to
rehearse with Alterego this evening for our February debut.   I have
another class in Methods of Research starting Monday, and I plan to tape
an Elvis concert on cable tonight as well as the Jazz documentary
series this week.   I recommend you catch the Alice Spencer show
at Empanada Parlor on Monday night, and Superego is on an inspired bill
on Thursday with the Stingers who are making a triumphant  return from
the big apple to the legendary Black Cat, and the ego is moving forward with plans
to take monthly breaks from the Hole for awhile.   The newest line-up is the most
instinctive an dynamic ever and we have really been enjoying the latest members'
contributions and experiencing some fresh new environments.

The saga continues...

Subject: Re: Superego at Momo's Tonight
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:27:42 -0800 (PST)

last sunday night was possibly the best superego
ever. that's the band, man. y'all were wonderful.
only one complaint- more ego, less covers! when
it's on, it's on. a pleasure,

Subject:  New band arrival
Date:   Sat, 20 Jan 2001 19:20:32 -0600
Organization:  nickel $ dime productions

Ain't meshbehavin',

I want to announce the debut of a new cover band called "Alterego."  We play
jazz standards and classic dance tunes.   It's myself and drummer Kevin Pearson
from Superego, Conrads guitarist Landis Armstrong , bassist Chris Johnson from
El Orbits,  and pianist Rebecca Gatchell.   We are gearing up for some private
party shows in the spring by playing some local happy hours.  We have Feb. 8th
booked at Waterloo Brew Pub,  Feb. 27th and March 27th at Empanada Parlor.

Please keep us in mind for any private party or cocktail lounge type gigs that
you come across.

Subject: Winter weather music
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 19:26:34 -0700
From:  Outlandish

Rampant Humanity,

Landis here,

For those of you who think I'm not loud enough,

I am playing Tuesday 1/16 at Momo's (above Katz's) with Paul Minor's Super Ego at 10:30. I have no idea if there is
a cover. There are other bands as well, all pop stuff I believe.

I've been covering the guitar slot on Sundays where they host the rock and roll Free for all and it is always
interesting.  Recent notable: Two tickets to Paradise.  This is a highly random environment.

Some variant of this band is also substituting for the Stingers on Thursday at the Black Cat.  Expect elements of the
Orbits and Privateers for that one.

This note wouldn't be complete without mentioning that the Conrads play every Wednesday at the Black Cat 10 - 2
no break, and The Orbits are still at the Continental for the Bingo Happy Hour every Thursday. But not for too much

Ok bye.


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